Dashcam Viewer v1.2.0 released for Mac and Windows

  • Dashcam Viewer now runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and 8! See the download page for more info.
  • Added movie playback and GPS data support for Powerucc Panorama II dashcam. Dashcam Viewer now supports the Mini 0801, BlackVue DR400, DR500, and Powerucc Panorama II dashcams.
  • Added graphical displays of shock-sensor data for Panorama II, Mini 0801, and Blackvue DR400/500 cameras.
  • Preferences: Added “auto-fix” option for correcting biases between camera timezone setting and computer timezone setting. Try this is you see the movie but the graph cursor is not moving.
  • Preferences: Timezone offset setting is no in hrs/min/sec instead of decimal hours.
  • Added Bring All To Front option under Windows menu
  • Fixed sizing of splash window.
  • Updated URL to website
  • Updated User Manual 

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