Dashcam Viewer v1.4.8 released for Mac

Just posted version 1.4.8 of Mac Dashcam Viewer:

New Features:

  • Renamed the “Arrange” option (Under the “Windows” menu and toolbar) to “Sync Window Movement”. If this option is selected, windows will be linked such that moving one window moves all of the windows. This applies to the Main Window, Data Window, Map Window, and Graph Window. Thanks to R.R. for the suggestion.
  • [Mac version] Due to technical issues you may need to change your Mac’s Security & Privacy settings to allow apps to be installed from “Anywhere”. See FAQ on website for more info.

Bug Fixes:

  • [Mac version] Fixed bug in which the Main Window was not restored to the same size it was when Dashcam Viewer was last quit.

Still working on Windows version. Stay tuned.

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