Dashcam Viewer v1.6.0 Released for Windows

Just posted version 1.6.0 of Windows Dashcam Viewer:

New Features:

  • Switched to using Bing Maps instead of Google Maps in the Map View. Google made a surreptitious change to their API in mid-December 2014 which made the Map View in Dashcam Viewer stop working correctly (DCV was not the only application affected). The Bing Maps implementation provides all the functionality¬†of the previous Google Maps implementation.
  • Added preliminary support for MINI 0805 GPS data format. This is in beta. Change the 0805 capture resolution to no higher than 1080p mode for movies to play in DCV.
  • Better support for dashcams that store their altitude in nmea format, like the Vicovation Marcus series.
  • Added support for the iSymDVR app, which turns the iPhone into a dashcam.
  • Export of GPX now includes vehicle speed (in km/h)
  • For dashcams that record vehicle altitude, altitude in meters will be exported inthe GPX file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Vehicle speed reported in GPX file is now meters/sec instead of km/hr as per GPX v1.0 specification.
  • Movie start markers are more accurately placed on map.

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