Dashcam Viewer v1.7.0 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released version 1.7.0 of Dashcam Viewer for Mac and for WindowsThis version adds a long-requested feature:

New Feature:

  • Added the ability to export a portion of the currently playing video to a separate movie file. This is useful for isolating key portions of a dashcam movie, say for providing to law enforcement or uploading to YouTube. When the Export Clip button is clicked you will be asked to enter the duration of the clip in seconds. You will then be able to select a folder for the output file. Dashcam Viewer will create the clip, starting at the current movie position, in the desired folder with an auto-generated filename derived from original movie name. No re-compression of the video is performed so that movie details are preserved.

Dashcam Viewer v1.6.3 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released version 1.6.3 of Dashcam Viewer for Mac and for WindowsHere’s what’s changed:

New Feature:

  • [Mac version] Added picture-in-picture support for the Panorama X2 dual-channel dashcam.   This dashcam uses two SD cards, one for the front camera and one for the rear camera. To view front and rear simultaneously in PiP mode, do the following:
    1. Insert both SD cards from the X2 into your computer using a memory card reader.
    2. Rename the two SD card images on the desktop “HD2_F” and “HD2_R” for front and rear, respectively.
    3. Drag the “NORMAL” folder from the HD2_F card onto the Dashcam Viewer main window. This will load the movies from both the HD2_F and HD_R NORMAL folders and display them in picture-in-picture mode. You could also drag the PARKING or EVENT folders, if desired. Below is an example showing picture-in- picture mode of the Panorama X2:
    4. panorama_x2a

Dashcam Viewer v1.6.2 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released version 1.6.2 of Dashcam Viewer for Mac and for Windows. Here’s what’s changed:

New Features:

  • Added preference to choose between Google Map or Bing Map for the Map view.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the Graph view to shift the Timezone Offset by -10, -1, 1, or 10 seconds. This is useful for syncing the video to the GPS data. See Shortcuts for more info.

Bug Fixes:

  • Null route points at lat/lon 0E/0N are no longer displayed on map.