Dashcam Viewer v1.8.2 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released Dashcam Viewer v1.8.2 for Macintosh and Windows. This is a maintenance release to fix a few bugs:

Bug Fixes:

  • Dashboard: Fixed bug in which the compass car icon appear to do random 360’s when traveling south
  • Fixed bug in bearing direction for Panorama S and Street Guardian SGZC12SG
  • Falcon Zero F170: To workaround a bug in the F170 firmware speed computation, DCV now ignores the embedded speed values and instead computes speed based on sequential lat/lon points. This produces more accurate speed reading than the embedded speed. However, there is another firmware glitch in which the video overlaid speed lags the actual vehicle motion by about 2-3 seconds. DCV can do nothing about this. It will need to be fixed by the manufacturer in firmware.

Dashcam Viewer v1.8.1 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released Dashcam Viewer v1.8.1 for Macintosh and Windows. This is a free update and adds the following new features and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • Map View: The vehicle’s route line is now color-coded based on speed. Faster speeds are blue and slower speeds are red. This allows you to see the slow and fast portions of your journey. The number of colors used and the values each color represent can be changed in the new Map Preferences.


  • Map View: The Route and Markers settings are now preserved from run to run of Dashcam Viewer.
  • Reorganized the Preferences window to better handle the growing number of options.
  • Added support for RAC 02 dashcam