Dashcam Viewer v1.8.7 Released for Mac and Windows

We just released Dashcam Viewer v1.8.7 for Macintosh and Windows.

New Features:

  • Added the Center checkbox to the Map view. You can toggle this option to have the map auto-center with the vehicle, or unselect it to have the map stay still and the vehicle marker move. Thanks to user Thomas D. for the suggestion.
  • Added new keyboard shortcut: type ‘A’ in the Graph window to autoscale the view.
  • Added support for zBlackBox_HD3 dashcam
  • [Mac] Added GPS support for Thinkware F550
  • [Windows] Added GPS support for Thinkware F750. Strangely, this dashcam’s MP4s won’t play in the Mac version of DCV, nor in QuickTime Player.
  • Added support for Contour+2 Action Cam
  • Added support for newer version of ION Adventure Cam

Bug Fixes:

  • The progress bar displayed after loading movies now displays meaningful progress.
  • Improved the focus of the start/stop button in player window. This should make the spacebar start/stop function, and other keyboard shortcuts, more reliable.
  • Fixed recently-introduced bug in which Koonlung K1S dashcam would only show the first channel.
  • Better compatibility with GPS files from MINI dashcams.
  • Fixed bug in keyboard shortcuts for adjusting time offset in the Graph View.

2 thoughts on “Dashcam Viewer v1.8.7 Released for Mac and Windows

  1. Hi, I think I spotted the RAC02 dash cam on the list of supported machines. Are you planning to include the RAC05 model too (from Proofcam). I have tried the files and whilst the video footage plays on the Mac OSX Dashcam Viewer, the Map stays blank & the speed information does not come up (though both do with the windows software that is supplied through Proofcam).

    • David, I am working with reps from ProofCam to add support for at least one of their cams. Stay tuned, hopefully we’ll be able to provide support. Thanks, john

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