Dashcam Viewer v1.9.3 Released for Mac and Windows

Version 1.9.3 of Dashcam Viewer adds a new GPS data export format and fixes a minor bug (details below). Dashcam Viewer is available for Mac OS X and Windows (64-bit and 32-bit). Download the free version from our website.

New Features:

  • Added ability to export tracks as Google Earth KML files.
    The tracks are time tagged so you can scroll through your
    route using Google Earth’s time.


Exported track shown in Google Earth

Bug Fixes:

  • Movie will now pause when user clicks Export Movie button.

Dashcam Viewer v1.9.2 Released for Mac and Windows

Version 1.9.2 of Dashcam Viewer is a minor update to improve the GUI and addresses a few minor bugs. Here are versions for Mac OS X and Windows 7,8,10 64-bitand Windows 7,8,10 32-bit.

New Features:

  • Player window now has black background for improved readability of date/time/speed


  • When creating a PNG image, a message will appear saying the image is stored on the Desktop.

Bug Fixes:

  • [Mac OS X 10.10] Fixed bug that prevented loading of movie files when users dragged movies from the Finder into Dashcam Viewer’s player window.