Dashcam Viewer v2.5.0 was released today with the following new features.  Dashcam Viewer is available for Mac OS X and Windows (64-bit and 32-bit). Download the free version from our website.

New Features:

Geotagging! Users can now drop markers anywhere along
their route. The markers show up on the Map and in a List
view. The time, date, speed, latitude, longitude, movie name,
and movie time are also displayed. Double-clicking a geotag
in the Geotags Listwill jump to that point in the route.
The geotags can be exported to a text file,and imported back in.
The free version support the creation of two geotags. The paid
version supports up to ten geotags.


1.   Geotags list

Click this tag to toggle between the Movies and Geotags lists.

2.   Export button

Export the geotags to a tab-delimited file. If you plan to import these geotags back into Dashcam Viewer be sure to save the geotags file to the same directory as your dashcam movies.

3.   Import button

Click this button to load a geotag file back into Dashcam Viewer. Be sure to load your movies that are referenced by the geotag file first, then load the geotag file. If the geotag file references movies that are not loaded they will appear in the list with a gray background.

4.   Clear All button

The Clear All button will delete all geotags in the list.

5.   Geotag Information

The geotag list item displays meta information about the event including title, movie filename, time in movie, vehicle speed, date/time, and latitude and longitude.

6.   Change Title

You can edit the default title of a geotag by clicking the gear icon.

7.   Delete Geotag

Delete a geotag by clicking the trashcan icon.

8.   Go to a Geotag

Double-click a geotag to jump to that point in the movie sequence.

New Movies List. All loaded movies are shown in the Movies List.
Movies that are uninteresting can be toggled off so they no longer
appear in the movie sequence and their data is no longer displayed
in the Map or Graphs. Users can double-click a Movie in the List
to immediately jump to the beginning of the video. Meta information
about each movie is displayed in the list item.


1.   Movies List

Click this tag to toggle between the Movies and Geotags lists

2.   Hide/Show Button

Clicking the Hide button will remove the inactive movies from the list. Click it again to reveal the inactive movies.

3.   Invert Button

Invert will make the inactive movies active, and the active movies inactive.

4.   Movie count and duration

The information line shows the number of active movies and their total duration.

5.   Movie Information

Each item in the list shows the movie filename, movie duration, file size, file date, and maximum speed. Note that the file date is retrieved from the file system so if the file was modified in any way the date displayed here may not correspond to the actual date/time of the recording.

6.   Currently-playing movie

The currently-playing movie has a green background. Double-click on any active (non-gray) movie to make it the currently-playing movie.

7.   Checkered Flag

The checkered flag is awarded to the movie with the fastest speeds. Sorry, no prizes are given.

8.   Wrench icon

The wrench icon appears next to movies whose GPS data needed some kind of post-processing. Hover the mouse on top of the icon to see a short explanation. Possible reasons for seeing the wrench icon include:

9.   Active/Inactive Checkbox

Clicking the checkbox off makes the movie inactive. Inactive movies are removed from the playback sequence and are shown with a gray background in the list. Their GPS data is also removed from the Map route and Graphs. Use this feature to remove uninteresting movies from the playback sequence. Click the checkbox on to make the movie active again.

10.     Double-Click Movie Item

You can double-click an active movie item in the list to jump to it. If playback was previously on, the movie will start playing immediately.

Also new:

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    1. Yes, Robert, it does although there are multiple variations of A119 firmware that encoded the GPS data differently. Version 2.5.1 will do a better job at handling the idiosyncrasies of the A119 encoded GPS data.

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