Dashcam Viewer v2.6.4 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v2.6.4 is now available from our website. This version adds a number of new features, including…

New Features:

  • [Windows] Dual-channel dashcam support added to the Windows version! Select between front or rear movies at the toggle of a toolbar button. Alternatively, use the ‘r’ key to swap movies.
  • [Mac] Dual-channel dashcam users can now switch between four movie modes: front movie, rear movie, front/rear (PiP), and rear/front (PiP).

  • [Windows/Mac] Export MOVie enhancements: Dual-channel dashcam users can now chose to Export Movie clips in front-only, rear-only, front/rear, or rear/front PiP movie modes.
  • [Mac] Added support for Mini 0801S (thanks Phil W.)
  • Added support for Transcend DrivePro 220 with firmware 2.0 (thanks Stephen C.)

Bug Fixes:

  • [Windows] Improved behavior of DV when clicking in a graph to jump to a new movie position. Now two clicks are not required.

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