Dashcam Viewer v3.2.9 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v3.2.9 was released today for both Mac and Windows. This new version has the following enhancements:

New Camera Supports:

  • Added support for Junsun 4K S590 dashcam
  • Added support for JADO D860 dashcam

New Features:

  • Dashcam Viewer can now load up to 1200 2-channel or 1200 1-channel videos at a time. Previously the limits were 500 2-channel or 1000 1-channel videos.
  • You can now immediately enter the name of a geotag when it is created, instead of clicking the settings icon in the tag list item.
  • [Mac] Dashcam Viewer is now a code-signed application

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in speed calculation for APEMAN C550.
  • Fixed bug in which 10-minute videos from a Papago or Innovv K2 dashcam (with latest firmware) would not load GPS data.
  • Added experimental change to support southern hemisphere in JADO and Autovox dashcams.
  • [Windows] Fixed hang that could occur when loading more than ~400 videos at a time.
  • Expanded fuzzy search for B videos, given an A video. Now search +/-6 seconds for time and +/- 4 for file number. Previously it was +/- 4 and +/- 2. This should improve pairing detection success.

Dashcam Viewer playing front and rear videos.

Dashcam Viewer is PC/Mac software that allows you to playback your dashcam’s videos while simultaneously viewing your vehicle’s location on a map. There are many other features in the software which are detailed on our website (http://dashcamviewer.com). The free version is fully-functional and allows the loading of up to 2 videos at a time.