Dashcam Viewer is a software application for viewing movies, GPS data, and shock-sensor data recorded by your dashcam or action cam. Dashcam Viewer supports over 100 camera models. See below for the complete list of supported cameras and features.

What Dashcam Viewer can do for you:

  • Play your dashcam videos on the main screen while watching your vehicle’s speed, distance, position, bearing, and shock-sensor data update on graphs, data displays, and maps.
  • “Geotag” points of interest along your route. Export these to a file. Or import them back in.
  • Export your GPS tracks to common file formats such as comma-separated value (CSV), Google Earth KML, and GPS-exchange (GPX) for further data analysis.
  • Export portions of videos to new clips
  • Combine multiple videos into a single video
  • And much more! Check out our FeaturesVideo Tutorials, and Users Manual for more details.

Download the FREE version below:

The free version is fully functional but has a 2-movie sequential limit. Purchasing removes the limit and the splash screen.

Current Version: v3.2.5

Release Date: June 3, 2019   (blog, recent changes)

MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1 download_mac
System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
Installation Notes
End User License Agreement
How to uninstall
Legacy macOS 10.8.5-compatible version 2.7.8

WIndows_7 download_windows
System Requirements:
64-bit Windows 10 recommended for best performance
Installation Notes.  Required: K-Lite Codec Pack
End User License Agreement
How to uninstall
Legacy 32-bit version 2.7.8


Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1

macOS ($25 US)

(bulk licensing available)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   WIndows_7

Windows ($25 US)

(bulk licensing available)
After upgrading you will receive a registration code within 24 hours. The code is entered directly into the Dashcam Viewer program through the Register window located under the Help menu. This will remove the startup screen and eliminate the 2 sequential movie restriction. A full list of paid-version capabilities is shown in the table below.
Paid users: upgrade to the current version for free. Just download and install the latest version. The registration will automatically carry over.
A video tutorial showing how to register is provided in the Video Tutorials section. 

Try Dashcam Viewer yourself with these sample videos…

Single-channel sample videos (270 MB).
Dual-channel sample videos (540 MB).

Dashcam Viewer supports the following action and dash cameras. For dashcams with 2 channels (front/rear), Dashcam Viewer supports picture-in-picture mode.

Support for these and other camera models will evolve with new releases of DCV. Even if your dashcam is not one of these models, you can still play your camera’s movies without the data.

Differences Between Free and Paid Versions

Feature Free Version Paid Version
Zoomable, translatable, resizable movie view
“Real time” display of vehicle’s location on a Map
Automatically center map on vehicle, or keep map fixed
Vehicle route color-coded by speed
Click on vehicle’s map route to jump to that position in movie
Heads-up display of current date, time, speed, distance, position, and bearing
Heads-up display of altitude, HDOP, and Satellites-in-View 1
User-configurable speedometer display
Compass display of direction
Weather widget for retrieving weather conditions at the location and time of movie
Picture-in-picture front and rear camera displays for 2-channel dashcams
Swappable front and rear camera views for 2-channel dashcams
Graphs of speed, distance, and bearing
Graphs of HDOP, satellites-in-View, and X, Y, Z shock sensor data1
Click on vehicle’s Graph trace to jump to that position in movie
Autoscale Graph views
Fullscreen mode
Geotag points of interest and instant jump to those points in the movie sequence
Reverse-geocoding (i.e., address-lookup at geotag location)
Import and export Geotags to a file
Number of Geotags supported 2 10
“Real time” display of vehicle’s line-of-sight distance from geotagged points
Movie List view shows vehicle’s top speed in each movie
Remove uninteresting movies from the various views
Export sections of movies to separate movie files ✔ 5 secs max
Slow-motion or fast-motion for exported clips (0.125x to 8x)
Combine multiple movies into a single large movie
Maximum number of movies that can be combined 2 100
Slow-motion or fast-motion export of combined movies (0.125x to 8x)
Variable playback speed control
Jump to fastest part of route instantly
Jump to any loaded movie instantly
Slider controls for switching between movies
Info display of movie file name, file size, and frame rate
Ability to skip the first N seconds of each movie
Drag and drop loading of movies
Drag and drop loading of movie directories
GPS data export to CSV, KML, and GPX file formats
GPS data import of GPX file format
Export current movie window to JPG or PNG file
Auto-load movie directory upon start-up
Click to reveal currently-playing movie in Finder/Explorer
Support for kph or mph units
Support for timezone biasing
Documented keyboard and mouse shortcuts
Support for internet proxy server connection
Gluten free
User-selectable language support: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese
Maximum number of movies that can be loaded at once 2 500
Annoying startup window
Online Users Manual
1For dashcams that support these metrics. HDOP=Horizontal Dilution of Precision (a measure of GPS navigation accuracy at the receiver).

Please try the free version before purchase to make sure it works for you and your dash cam.

macOS Requirements:

The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer runs on macOS 10.10 and above. 1600×1200 or higher resolution recommended. Dashcam Viewer is not a “signed” application. If macOS issues a warning when you try to run it, see the installation instructions for how to install.

Dashcam Viewer on macOS Screenshot (German-language version):

Windows Requirements:

Windows 10 is recommended but Dashcam Viewer may run on earlier OS’s (Windows 7 and 8). Please see the installation instructions. 1600×1200 or higher resolution recommended. Low-end Windows PCs with poor video performance and limited screen resolution are not recommended.

Dashcam Viewer in Windows 10 Screenshot:

Dashcam Viewer comes with a Users Manual, which includes detailed descriptions and window screenshots.  You can preview it here in English or in German (thanks, Juergen W.).


For questions on Dashcam Viewer that are not answered in the FAQ or bulk licensing questions, contact me at: .

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here. The GPL version, which if used in Dashcam Viewer, allows PiP movie exporting for dual-channel cameras, can be downloaded here (this feature is Mac-only for now). See the Dashcam Viewer Users Manual for how to install the GPL version into Dashcam Viewer.

And a special thanks to our supporters…

StreetGuardian, Instant Imaging CorpZetronix, ProofCam,  FalconZero, VisionDriveThe Dashcam Store.


610 thoughts on “

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for taking into account my suggestion in the new release 2.2.0. and your time working on it..As I told you, I’m working intensely with DV, so I’m sure I will give you some more ideas later on.

  2. Hi John,
    I know you are working on the 2 channel option. But I have a separate cam for the rear view, its a less quality but does the job. Is there or are there plans where I can get both videos in the player at the same time? Main one is the FalconZero F170HD+ GPS that outputs to the .mov file the other generic cam just does an .avi file (no gps, no bells & whistles but plays in your player)

  3. Hi John,

    Two more suggestions (I’m working intensely with DV now, so some ideas are coming to my mind)

    1.- It would be useful to have the option of, when in any of the graphs , you could click in a position of the graph, and the video and the map position would go to that place.

    2.- When in the altitude graph, if you click on the main window (video watching) to skip files forward or back , the altitude graph doesn´t remain on the graph window but changes to the G-Forces graph.¿?

    Thanks again, John.


  4. Hi John, I’d like to do a suggestion, something to add at your to-do list.
    I find really awkward the need to reload the movies when the map is changed,if you want to keep on seeing the route on the map. By this, the video and the route marker goes to the beggining, instead of keeping in the moment they were when changing maps.
    Could it be something easier? Something as a simple “refresh” that didn’t change the position of the video and road markers.

  5. Hi. Love the software, been using it for all my dashcams for a while now. As i now have a K1S setup in both my cars, I was windering when Picture-in-picture support for Windows will be added to Dashcam Viewer ? It would be great if this support was added, even if just for playback of the videos – no need (yet) for Picture-in-picture support when exporting on Windows (for me at least)

    • Roger, that’s got to be the #1 question. Yes, I’m still working on PiP for Windows. Sorry, it’s been more of a challenge than expected. Stay tuned.

      • Thank you sooooo much for getting PiP working on the Windows version. Works like a dream. any chance you could include an option to resize the rear camera window ?

        • Resize the rear camera window? All you have to do is put the mouse in the rear window view and use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out. Click-drag the rear view to move it to a different location.

  6. Walid | August 6, 2016 at 9:47 am
    […second, rear camera cannot be viewed, my camera is thinkware F770 which is quite similar to F750…]

    john | August 6, 2016 at 5:22 pm
    […Hi Walid. Yes, adding 2channel support for Windows is on my to-do list, but currently I can’t give you a completion date…]

    Hi John,
    First, many thanks for making a great viewer software. I voted with my dollar to encourage you to keep at this; you have a good thing, here. Second, the above fits my needs as well (Thinkware F770 w/Rear cam). Not asking for a rush. Good things in good time. Just letting you hear another voice in the crowd that looks forward to you completing this feature, while encouraging you to keep doing what you are doing. I appreciate the software, sir. Well done.

    • James, thank you for your support. Yes, I’m still working on PiP for Windows. Sorry, it’s been more of a challenge than expected. Will keep at it, though!

  7. Hi John I have just upgraded to a Thinkware F770 twin camera and have been following your comments as to why the movie files will not run in Dashcam Viewer. Is it essential to use QT 7 to play the files in Dashcam Viewer as in IO X El Capitan version 10.11.6 the default player is QT10.4 and the files play perfectly in this version of QT.

    • Ralph, movies that play correctly in Apple’s QuickTime Player 7 tend to play correctly in Dashcam Viewer. Similarly, movies that don’t play in QuickTime Player 7 don’t play in Dashcam Viewer. This leads me to the conclusion that both QuickTime Player 7 and Dashcam Viewer use the same movie-player engine ‘under the hood’. Yes, Apple’s newer version of QuickTime Player 10.x can play more types of movies. The problem is the 3rd party video library I use in Mac Dashcam Viewer is based on the QT7 media layer, not the QT10 media layer, and there’s not much I can do about it aside from transitioning to a new media engine (a major deal).

  8. Hi John, I have noticed that 2 or more off road lines is been drawn on the map mostly from start point to end point along with the actual route.
    maybe because I am using the unregistered version!
    My dash cam is Thinkware F770 dual channel.

  9. Hi John,

    I’ve just known about the release of the v.2.1.8 version of Dashcam viewer. I purchased the v.2.1.7 full version licence on late July.

    I would like to upgrade to the v.2.1.8.version, but I would like to know first if I should pay any ammount for it.

    In case it’s completely free, How should I proceed to upgrade?



    • The upgrade is completely free, Manuel. Just download version 2.1.8 and run it. Your license information is stored separately from the software so it’s unaffected by upgrades.

  10. We have two geotagged video and supported .srt files. If we merge the two video and srt files separately keep in same folder. The Problem was we had play the video in dashcam viewer the track will showed in the map window. The tracking point moved in first part of the video only and the second part it wont move. How to solve this problem

    • It is difficult to diagnose the problem you are having with only that information. Perhaps the second video does not have GPS time/lat/lon data? Or perhaps the movie sequence is not in file-modification-date order? You might try going into the Dashcam Viewer settings and change the Movie Sequencing option to “Name” instead of “Date”.

      • We have two geotagged videos with GPS/time/lat/long in spatial sequence. Geocordinates were stored as .srt file. Now we want to merge both these geotagged videos to show merged videos along with GPS track.
        We merged geotagged video in dashcam viewer. But .srt file which contains GPS track information was merged in jubbler subtitle editor.
        When we play merged videos in dashcam viewer, we were able to sync video along with GPS track for first video but not for second video.

  11. Hi,
    I am very interesting in buying this software, I have two questions, first, trackup doesn’t work in non registered version, does it work if I buy a license? second, rear camera cannot be viewed, my camera is thinkware F770 which is quite similar to F750, any chance to be viewed in future updates.

    • Hi Walid. Yes, adding 2channel support for Windows is on my to-do list, but currently I can’t give you a completion date. The trackup (you mean “North Up”, I think) feature will work on the demo version. The problem is that Google & Bing don’t have multi-angle imagery available for all regions. Also, you need to be zoomed in deep to activate this capability. These and other caveats are mentioned in the Users Manual. Regards, John

      • Hi John, I zoomed in to the max but still not working, any way this is not a big problem. waiting for 2channel support to be added. thank you. Walid

  12. Hi John,

    Another question : Does Dashcam Viewer allow to correct the right and left distortion in the recordings during the viewing? I mean the distortion caused in long vertical lines that makes them appear curved as the car aproaches.


  13. Hi John. This looks like a first-rate piece of software, and I shall buy it for my iMac. I’d also like to use it, though, on my MacBook, whose MacOS version is 10.6.8 (no room on the disc for updating the OS). Will an earlier version of Dashcam Viewer work on 10.6.8, please? If so, how and from where can I get one? Thanks in advance.

    • Martyn, the current minimum requirements are 10.7 (even though 10.8.5 is recommended). I recommend you upgrade to at least 10.8.5 if for no other reason than security patches. However, if you have to use 10.6.8 check my blog you can find links to earlier versions some of which are 10.6.8 compatible. For example, version 1.4.3 is 10.6.8 compatible, but quite old.

  14. Greetings John. Although your software does not (yet) do the gps/map thing on my NextBas514, I have been more than willing to pay for a registered copy because it does a cracking job juts the video from it as well as the GoPro.
    You may like to know that it also renders the .mov files from the new Nikon P900 camera.

    As a registered user, may I suggest a couple of updates on upcoming iterations?
    * Under the MENU… add ‘Close Movie’ (Closes current movie from the play list) and ‘Close All’ (Closes all movies in the current play list, keeping Dashcam Viewer open so that other movies can be loaded without having to close Dashcam & re-open it.)
    * Under the HELP… With registered versions change the word ‘Register’ to ‘Registered’ on this point, I have some registered software wher it displays ‘Registered to Donald Gray’ which is nice touch and give the author an indication of the source of any pirate copies out there too!)

    Power to your elbow sir. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi Donald, thanks for the comments. I’m still struggling with NextBase to support their dashcams but despite promises to “we’ll get back to you” it’s been sadly quiet.

      As to your suggestions:
      #2: Excellent idea! In fact, I’ve already coded it up so you’ll see this in the next release (v2.1.7)
      #1: No need for a Close Movie command since you can just load another set of movies without quitting the program.


  15. Nice software. We need to record locations of specific events along with capture an image. Is there a way during playback to snap a shot and have it saved as a jpeg and also have the coordinates recorded in a separate file or even to the clipboard so that we can add them to a database?

  16. John – Is there somewhere on the site that shows the additional capabilities received when buying the full version? Thank you

    • Excellent question. The free version has all the features of the paid version. However, the paid version has these advantages:

      1) You can load up to 1000 movies at a time instead of 5.
      2) The nagging splash screen shown at startup is removed.
      3) The merge-movies feature will combine more than just two movies at a time.

      Also, tracking purchases is the only way I gauge how many people are using the program. This is what motivates me to make improvements and add features to the program. 😉


      • Thanks for the information. Another question. In the manual you show a altitude option on the graph in the MAC screenshot. I run the software on a PC, and don’t see that option.

        Is that Mac only?

        • Todd, not all dashcams record altitude, HDOP, and Sats In View. If your dashcam model doesn’t produce these metrics than Dashcam Viewer hides those graphs since they are not applicable.

  17. Hello John, just to confirm, your software does work with the whole GoPro Hero 4 series correct? I saw the name listed in the compatible devices list but it was merged with the Flytrex data logger and Phantom 2 Quadcopter. Does this mean that the GoPro will only work alongside another device or is that listing just a string of multiple compatible devices in one?

    • Support for the Hero4 movies is in context with the Phantom 2 with Flytrex GPS logger. Dashcam Viewer will play the Hero 4 video while showing the Phantom 2 position on the Google Map. This was meant to support the Phantom 2 + H4-3D combo.

  18. Dose Dashcams viewer have maximum file size limit for trial version? i tried to open 2G MP4 file, it never finished loading.

    • A large file may take a while to load. For large files be sure to use the 64-bit version.

      But keep in mind Dashcam Viewer is optimized to work with short duration files that are typical of most dashcams. These are typically 100-200MB. 2GB is definitely not typical.

  19. Hello John.

    Is it possible to make a portable Version for Windows?
    On my old Cam I put Registratorviewer on the SDcard….
    best regards

  20. Hi John

    I have a Garmin Nuvicam and have tried it first with the free version of your software before going ahead with a purchase of your full version. All that I am able to do is view the movie and there is no GPS data. I have tried to follow the instructions in your FAQ #1 but the file structure is a little weird. When I view the SD card in Windows explorer all it show up is a list of MP4 files. I can only access other files using Garmin’s GDC Player which is a pile of rubbish with no manual to help.

    Is it going to be possible for you to include Garmin Nuvicam is your list of compatible devices please?

  21. Thanks for your hard work on this, just the software I was looking for. I just bought a Thinkware F770 with the optional rear camera. Was hoping for the picture in picture feature and being able to join clips into a longer move I can export or post on Youtube. But seems features like PiP and joining clips aren’t available on the Windows version yet? Any timeline for this, I promise to buy your software as soon as these features work. 🙂

  22. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m trying to view BlackSys CF-100 videos on a Mac using your software, but I only see a black screen (I do see the map). Your FAQ says that Flip4Mac might work. I tried it and it does not work. I can see the videos using VLC though. Do you have any other idea how to make them available inside dashcam viewer?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ondrej, my friend has a BlackSys and has the same problem. Unfortunately, the video library I use is not compatible with the movie file format produced by this dashcam. Not much I can do about it I’m afraid.

      • Thank you very much for your prompt reply John, I imagined that would be the case. I’ll use a Windows computer then. Thank you for your help!

  23. I have the Original Dash Cam (4SKC01), the Dash Cam player that’s included does not work and the downloaded version from the link above indicates I’ll only have 5 plays before having to purchase it. Please provide a registration code so that I can play the .map files from the Dash Cam.

    • TJ, you can use the trial version of Dashcam Viewer as often as you like. It’s just limited to loading no more than 5 movies at once. The .map file format is proprietary (I have not decode it yet) so for now Dashcam Viewer will play the movies but you probably will not see the GPS data.

  24. Hi, my gps track file has the extensions XML, do I have to convert the file to GPX, because I d’ont see the map

    • Never heard of that dashcam, Pete. I’d recommend giving it a try. If the video plays but you don’t see GPS data, take a look at the FAQ, question #1.

    • Conrad, try version 2.1.0. I don’t have Mac OS X 10.7.5, but I chose “10.7” as the deployment target for Dashcam Viewer 2.1.0.

  25. Does this work with DOD LS470W+? Only the DOD GS600 is listed. I would assume the file format is the same however. But not sure. If not how can i help sort compatibility?

    • Carl, please see my FAQ, question 6. The NextBase 402G, NextBase 512G, DOD LS460W (and now DOD LS470W) are my nemesis (nemesii?)! They are all very popular dashcam and all encode their GPS data in the same, proprietary format. I’ve have been unsuccessful in procuring a response from DOD regarding decoding this format. NextBase did respond with a “we’ll get back to you” but nothing more than that. Very frustrating.

      • Had I known about a) your software and b) Nextbase’s lack of interest in supporting decent viewers I might have bought another camera. On the basis of this I have reduced the star rating on my Amazon review from four to three stars.

  26. Hi, I intend wanting to buy your software to use on my Mac with a Blackvue DR650-1CH. Can you please confirm – when you try to “join” multiple sequential videos, is the software capable of automatically removing the overlap that happens at the beginning/end of the videos or does that have to be done manually ?

  27. Hello,
    Nice product.
    I play .mov file from A118C.
    In trial mode all is fine but movie in full hd doesen’t play well(stutter).
    Is there a setting or something else?

    • Hi Ice, it’s hard to say what’s going on without more information on your system. I assume you’re on a PC. Some Windows PCs with slow hard drives, CPU, or GPU may stutter the movies. Please try a newer machine if possible. Sorry about that!

      • John, I have the same problem with the A118C. However, if I play the videos with the standard softward on the Windows laptop, by just double-clicking on it in the directory, it plays fine. But it’s jerky when played in DCV. Any thoughts?

        • Could be that your combination of OS/processor/video card/video driver is not up to the performance level required for Dashcam Viewer. I have an ASUS i7 17″ laptop with nVidia 950M graphics card running WIn10 and this combination seems to work fine. Hard for me to rate performance of all PC systems since there are some many different variations.

  28. Does your software work with the KDLinks X1 dashcam? It’s screen interface is very similar to that of the Falconzero F170+ HD dashcam. It also imbeds the GPS data in the MOV video files.

  29. Hello John,
    With the Sony 4K that I am looking at, the GPS data file is in NMEA format. Will your software support that?
    Thank you

  30. Two questions:
    1. Does your software support the many action cams on the market such as the SONY 4K?

    2. Can the final file, the video with a street map overlay, be saved and played on any computer without having your software loaded?
    Thank you.

    • Ernest:
      1) Yes, we support the ION Adventure Cam and Contour+ Action Cam. I don’t have any experience with the SONY 4K though.
      2) I use SnapzPro (Mac) to record the entire computer screen activity to a movie file. That way all the windows of Dashcam Viewer are captures. If you’re a PC users I’m sure there’s something equivalent.

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