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  1. I am checking out your dashcam viewer in demo mode. I cannot link the different information windows as is shown. They are just different windows floating around the screen. How do I link them? I also have a mini 0806, you mention that I need to lower my resolution to 1080p or less, will you be updating the software to be able to use the full ability of the dashcam?

    • You can link them by selecting Synchronize Window Movement from the Windows menu. Many computers running Dashcam Viewer *do* support resolutions greater than 1080p, but since some don’t I just say “1080p or less” to cover the lowest common denominator.

  2. Hi, I’ve just downloaded it, but i see a black screen (and the video is not playing). I’ve a Windows 7 sp1, I’ve also installed the K-lite codec pack, but nothing changed. I’ve a mini 0806, and the videos are .MOV files. What can/should I do ? Thanks !

  3. Hi great application, just downloaded it to see if it will suit my needs, and have one question before I purchase. When playing back the video faster than lines peed there is no video being played in the viewer, but I can see that the timestamp increases at that x1 x2 rate. Is this a bug or because it is a non-registered applicaiton?

    thanks Brian

    • Hi Brian, thanks for checking out the software. The non-registered and registered versions are identical so the problem must lie elsewhere. It could be that your computer’s hard drive is not fast enough to keep up with the seek speed required for 2x. If 1/2x and 1/4x work then this is probably the case since the file seek for the slower speeds is less demanding. Are you using the Windows version? I noticed that on certain PCs the hard drive has difficulty keeping up with 2x speed. Regards, John

  4. What about Speeds greater than 200 Kmh ??? My SLK runs 285 Kmh and it is legal in Germany. I cannot adjust the Graph over 200 Kmh ???

  5. I downloaded this software because I was intending to get a mini 0803. Instead, I ended up going to a local B&M and getting a Navman MiVue 388 (same as the Mio model) and am delighted to say that it, too is compatible with the viewer… GPS and other info as well. Stoked!

    • It works with my 388 apart from the g-force data. It just says 0.00, 0.00, 0.00. I know the data is there because it appears in mivue manager.

      • brantwinter, thank you for the information. Sue (another commenter in this thread) said that Dashcam Viewer worked with her MiVue but perhaps she didn’t test the G-force data. Would it be possible for you to send me a clone of your SD card that contains a few movies? That way I could add G-force support. You can send it to me using https://wetransfer.com. Thanks – John

        UPDATE June 29, 2014: Using Brant’s dashcam files, it wasn’t hard to add G-force support to Dashcam Viewer for the MiVue 388. Expect to see support in the next update. Thank you Brant and Sue for your help! – John

        UPDATE #2 July 6, 2014: G-force support for MiVue388 now available in v1.4.3.

  6. Hi – I hope that you’ll support the DOD LS430W dashcam. I recently purchased it, and DOD now includes a Mac version of their DOD Player, but it’s pretty basic. I like the features of Eartshine’s Dashcam Viewer.


  7. Any chance this will work for Lukas cameras? I know that Lukas has a Mac viewer but their website is horrid getting support.

    • Hi Dave, I don’t have any experience with Lukas cameras so it may or may not work. I would need original Lukas movie or data files to investigate this further. If you have time, send me a clone of your SD card and I will see what I can do.

  8. Is it possible to export the Googlemaps window as a video file (eg mp4) which I could then import into Adobe Premier to run in the corner of my dash cam video to show people our exact location along the journey?

    • Yes, I use SnapzProX on the Mac to do my screen captures and screen movies. If you’re a PC user, there are similar programs available I believe.

    • I used a video camera on a tripod to record the screen. That way the viewers get a more accurate feeling of interacting with the software.

    • allz, the GT680W is on my wish list to support! This particular camera stores its GPS data in a proprietary binary format. I’ve been working with a dashcam retailer who has contacts with the GT680 manufacturer, but so far they have not gotten back to us with the necessary data specification.

      • Manufacturer is stubborn I can tell. I contacted them asking to remove their long ugly logo from Date Stamp, they refused, they want free ads. I turn date off. But, is it possible to decode it in the future without me buying another version of their dash cam, just update firmware if they listen? Otherwise I can still return it now and get a useable dash cam.

        • all z, it is hard to predict what this manufacturer will do in the future. The only way they will change is if enough customers contact them and complain. Just one or two people like you and me are not enough.

  9. xxpp, I’ve added the code that should enable crisper text when using the Mac with retina display. Unfortunately I can’t test it on my old MacBook. Please try v1.3.5 and email me the results. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the nice app. Do you have plans to support retina displays in the near future? The text looks blurry on a retina display. (ver. 1.3.4)

  11. Very nice software ! Thank you for your work.

    For a video coming from a camera without GPS tracking it would be great if you could import a GPX file and get the gps tracking working with some sort of “synchronization”. (date and time maybe coming from video metadata and date and time coming from the GPX). Or maybe “manual synchronization”.
    This would open your software to many more cameras (GoPro, etc …)
    Is it something you would consider for a new version ?

    Also do you have in mind to make DCV compatible with the Garmin VIRB and the Sony Action Cam ?

    • Xavier, thanks for the kudos! I checked out the Garmin VIRB and the Sony Action Cam on their respective websites. Impressive cameras, but these are basically waterproof GoPro-style videocams w/o GPS or G-sensor data. Dashcam Viewer could theoretically be used as a sequential video viewer for these cameras (assuming they record in MP4 or MOV format), but DCV may be overkill for that purpose. Quicktime Player might work just as well.

      GPX upload synchronization is an interesting feature concept but would be time-consuming to implement and take away from other developments I’m working on. I’ll add it to the job jar though. Perhaps someone with a lot of GoPro videos and GPS data would be willing to fund the implementation at a future date.

    • Dave, I have not tried to play videos or GPS from that camera before. The first step is to see if the videos will play in Dashcam Viewer. Can you send you me a couple of your videos and GPS data files?

  12. I am looking to purchase a Shadow GT680W Full HD 1080P Car Dash Camcorder with GPS
    I only have Mac computers and Dash Cam Talk directed me to this website. Do you know if my files will work with your program?

    • Eathan, you can play your movies in Dashcam Viewer but you will not see the GPS or shock-sensor data. From what I understand, the manufacturer of your camera has hidden the GPS and shocksensor information into the movie file as binary data, which is impossible to decode without a data specification. A retailer on DashCamTalk has been in contact with the GT680W manufacturer to obtain the GPS data encoding scheme, but so far the manufacturer has not been forthcoming.

  13. I am using HP F310. The DashCam records 1080p H.264 .mov and GPS data as a .nmea. The video shows but other data are not showing on the related panels. Will the future release support this HP model? I’m using Mac. SuperCar software for the purpose crashes, crashes and crashes.

    • Gareth, I am not familiar with that camera model but if it stores GPS data in nmea format it should be fairly easy to add support for it. I just need a clone if your SD card data. Email me for details.

      • Hi John,

        Just want to tell you I register and upgrade the app to full version.
        It works fine for HP F310 CamCorder.
        I’m using version 1.4.5.
        Is it possible to have more options in the increased speed playback like 8x, 16x or 32x ?



        • Hi Gareth, thanks for registering! When I was developing the accelerated playback I originally added 2x, 4x and 8x. But it turned out that some computers could not keep up with the high data rate required to seek through the movie file at 4x and higher. I had to reduce the max speed to 2x to be compatible with most computers. Regards, John

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