1. Will Dashcam Viewer work with my dashcam?

The only models I have tested against are listed on the dashcamviewer.com home page. Other models may or may not work.

If your dashcam movies do not play in DCV or you don’t see any GPS data displayed, I may be able to make it work — if you help me. You’ll need to send me a ‘clone’ or zip of your camera’s SD card disk image. The clone should contain at least 3 movies and associated GPS data files.

Some dashcams use separate files for the videos and the GPS data. In that case, the file/folder structure of the clone must be preserved. For example, the Mini 0801 stores its movie and GPS data like so:

SD Card
 |--- DCIM
   |--- 100MEDIA
     |--- AMBA0462.MOV 
     |--- AMBA0463.MOV 
 |--- MISC
 |--- gps
   |--- gps0462.log
   |--- gps0463.log

Zip a copy of the entire SD Card folder. Also, please provide your dashcam’s firmware version. You can send me the zip via https://wetransfer.com. My email is john@earthshinesw.com.

2. How do I register the software? Is this a one-time payment?

You first purchase a license using the PayPal links on the home page. Within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker) you will receive a personalized registration code. You enter the code into the Dashcam Viewer program. Click here for more info or watch the registration video.

A common question I hear is: “Is this a one-time payment or will I have to purchase a yearly subscription?” I personally despise subscription-ware! Since version 1.0 was released in 2016, I’ve provided free updates for everyone and I have no plan to change this policy.

3. [Windows] When I run Dashcam Viewer I don’t see any of the program’s windows but the Dashcam Viewer icon appears in the Task Bar.

If you’ve recently changed your monitor resolution or screen configuration, Dashcam Viewer may be drawing the windows offscreen. Try this “hard reset” procedure, I think it will fix it:

  1. Quit Dashcam Viewer
  2. Hold down the Shift key
  3. Start Dashcam Viewer
  4. You will see a dialog box come up asking if you’d like to Reset All Settings. Click “Yes”.

Now all your windows should appear onscreen.

4. What are some best practices for running Dashcam Viewer?

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Dashcam Viewer. I’ll add to this list as time goes on:

  1. If Dashcam Viewer’s windows don’t appear onscreen, see the reset procedure above.
  2. For best video exporting experience, replace the LGPL version of ffmpeg with the GPL version as described below.
  3. Simultaneous playback of multiple videos while updating maps and widgets can be CPU-intensive. If video playback appears to stutter, or Dashcam Viewer issues the error “Time out has occurred while trying to load file…”, you can try the following:
    1. Use a fast, high-quality,  USB3  SD card reader if your Mac/PC doesn’t have have an internal SD card slot.
    2. Copy the video folder from your SD card to your internal hard drive. Then load the videos from the hard drive.
    3. Change your dash cam’s settings to produce lower-resolution videos.
  4. Set your dash cam to record videos no longer than 5 minutes each.
  5. When you load your videos from the SD card everything works fine, but if you copy them to a folder on your hard drive and load them from there suddenly the Map, Graphs, and Dashboard no longer display GPS data. This can be caused by an extraneous folder named “GPS” or “gps” in the video folder. If you dashcam doesn’t create a “GPS” folder, make sure you don’t add one to directory containing the videos or Dashcam Viewer will get confused.
  6. If you’re running Windows and Dashcam Viewer playback is slow or stuttering, try re-installing the K-Lite Codec Pack and experimenting with the tick boxes in the Advanced Options. Users have reported improved playback performance by tweaking the options.
  7. If no GPS data is displayed, the problem could be that your files are on a Network Storage Device (NAS) or RAID system. Use the SD card or your local hard drive instead.

5. When I use Dashcam Viewer to export a video clip from my dual-channel dashcam, how come I don’t get a picture-in-picture video as a result?

Dashcam Viewer ships with the LGPL version of FFmpeg. The LGPL version will only export the front channel to your videoclip when you choose the Export Video option. The solution is to replace the LGPL version of FFmpeg with the GPL version off the internet. You can download the Mac GPL ffmpeg here and the Windows GPL ffmpeg here.

Mac GPL ffmpeg installation: The GPL Mac FFmpeg download comes as a zip file. Select the most recent ffmpeg .zip file (not the .zip.sig file) and download it. On newer macOSs, applications downloaded from the internet need to be verified the first time they are run. To do this, immediately right-click on the ffmpeg icon and choose Open. You should see a dialog that looks like this:Click “Open” and it will run in the Terminal and immediately quit. Now you are ready to replace the old version as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Dashcam Viewer icon and select Show Package Contents. This will open the contents in a new window:

  1. Open the Contents/MacOS You will see the LGPL version of ffmpeg. Move it to a safe location outside of the package.
  2. Now move the GPL version of ffmpeginto the MacOS folder. Close the package window and you’re good to go!

Windows GPL ffmpeg installation: Download the latest ffmpeg zip file. Unnzip the ffmpeg package and copy the ffmpeg.exe (located in the bin directory) to the Dashcam Viewer directory. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing ffmpeg.exe. Click Yes. That’s it.

One caveat. Since each version of Dashcam Viewer ships with the LGPL version, you will need to repeat this process every time you update Dashcam Viewer.

6. Does Dashcam Viewer play TS-format video files from my dashcam?

Yes, Dashcam Viewer 3.6.6 and later can play and decode the GPS data in TS files recorded by the INNOVV K3/K5 Dual, the BlueSkySea B4K, and the VIOFO A119G V3. TS format has an advantage over MP4. If a TS file is not closed properly, the TS file is still readable (playable) up to that point. An improperly closed MP4 may become corrupt (unreadable) under the same circumstances. This advantage comes at a price— extracting the GPS data from a TS file is inherently slower than an MP4. Be sure to turn on Caching in Dashcam Viewer so that subsequent TS file processing  happens very quickly.

7. When I play videos from my Viofo A129 Pro or A129 Pro Duo on my Mac they appear to stutter. Why?

For some unknown reason the A129 Pro’s MP4 encoder produces video files that skip when played on a Mac using Quicktime Player or Dashcam Viewer. No workaround at this time so this dashcam model is not on the supported list for Mac. This does not appear to be a problem on Windows.

8. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with the Rexing V1P Pro?

Although Dashcam Viewer works with the Rexing V1LG and V1P, the latest firmware of the V1P Pro and V1P (Gen3) was written such that the vehicle’s latitude and longitude waypoints are now encoded in a proprietary format that I haven’t seen before. Two V1P Pro owners have contacted Rexing to request the data encoding scheme, but Rexing has refused to provide assistance. So unless Rexing agrees to provide the encoding scheme or I ‘crack’ the encoding, I’m afraid I won’t be able to support the V1P Pro or Gen3. I suggest contacting Rexing on this issue. There’s power in numbers.

9. After I download the Windows version from your website and run the setup.exe, I get an warning saying “SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting”. What do I do?

On Win8.1 click on More Info to reveal the “Run Anyway” button. Click the Run Anyway button and the install will proceed. There is probably an equivalent override option in Win7 and Win10.

10. Why can’t I see my Map window?

Sometimes the windows obscure each other. Try selecting the Map window from the Windows menu of Dashcam Viewer and it should be brought to the forefront. Also, see question #3.

11. Why do I see a black screen when I try to play a video (on Windows)?

This is rare but here are a few things to try:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the K-Lite Codec Packs. This free 3rd party software installs codecs missing from Windows that are required for some dashcam models.
  2. Dashcam Viewer works best on Windows 10. Please try again on a Win10 machine. Older versions, like Win7, may work but have not been thoroughly tested.
  3. Turn off antivirus protection. There have been some reports of antivirus software interfering with programs like Dashcam Viewer.
  4. Make sure you’re not running Windows on a virtual machine. VMs may not have the necessary video hardware emulation.

12. My videos don’t play and I see this message. What’s going on?

This message will be displayed if there’s some kind of decoding issue with the video. The most likely cause is that you didn’t previously install the K-Lite Codec Pack (Windows only). This error can also if it’s taking too long to load a video for some reason. In that case try loading the video again (your OS may load it from cache the second time, which is faster). If that doesn’t work try moving the videos to a faster hard drive and load from there.

13. I have a Viofo A119. The movies play fine but I don’t see any GPS data in the Map or Graphs. What’s going on?

I have heard this complaint from a dozen A119 customers so far. I have examined sample movie files provided to me and have determined that there is no GPS data written into the movie file. Here are hex dumps of the movie file where the GPS data is supposed to be in sample movies produced by two different A119 dashcams. Only the A119 on the right is correctly writing data into the movie file.a119_no_gps_data

This A119 is NOT working correctly. It is not embedding GPS data into the movie file. 


This A119 is working correctly and saving GPS data to the movie file. 

A number of A119 owners have corrected the problem by downgrading the firmware from 2.01 to 2.0.  In one case the vendor (SpyTech) exchanged the customer’s A119 for a new one. Presumably this fixed the problem. If you send me a sample movie I can examine it to see if it has this problem.

UPDATE: Viofo notes that it addressed this issue in the firmware v2.02 update.

14. Does Dashcam Viewer work with the Xiaomi 70mai Dashcam Pro or A800 Dashcam?

I do not have a 70mai but a few customers provided me with video samples. The GPS data appears to be encoded in a way I haven’t seen before, or that the data is buried in an ancillary file which was not provided. I am still working on it in my spare time.  Another issue is that the high-res mode of these camera uses H.265 (HEVC), which is currently not compatible with the video system on the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer (should work in Windows). Perhaps there is a setting to encode using H.264. Anyway, for now the 70mai dashcams are not compatible.

UPDATE: I’ve cracked the GPS data encoding of the 70mai Dash Cam Pro and added compatibility for this dashcam in version 3.6.2. Also, I discovered that the reason the 70mai Dash Cam Pro videos did not play on my 2015 MacBook Pro was that my Mac was too old. Macs built before 2016 cannot handle 4K HEVC (h.265) encoded videos. When I tested 70mai video samples on a newer iMac, they played fine in Dashcam Viewer. They also played fine on Windows 10 with K-lite codecs.

15. Does Dashcam Viewer work with the DDPai M6+ dashcam?

This dashcam is not “officially” supported. The way the DDPai M6+ manipulates files and stores GPS data on the card is unique among dashcam manufacturers. They store some of their GPS data in a folder called “103gps” although some folks had their GPS data in a folder called “203gps”. Furthermore, not all the GPS data is in these folders. Some of it is stored in an archive format and is dearchived by the dashcam when needed. So the state of files on the SD card is always in flux. Sadly, DDPai does not seem interested in supporting the desktop community and instead focuses on smartphone users. In a recent post in a dashcam forum DDPai states, “our products were designed to connect to smartphone for pictures and video sharing on social community, and we built our own community to make more fun to use our social car dvr, rather than just recorder.”

That said, Dashcam Viewer will look for DDPai “gpx” files in the 103gps and 203gps directories. So as long as there are filename-matching gpx files in the 103gps or 203gps folders then the DDPai M6+ is “unofficially supported” in Windows Dashcam Viewer.  Unfortunately, the MP4 movie format they use is not compatible with the QuickTime Player 7 library so the movies don’t play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer.

16. My dashcam’s movies don’t play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer. Why?

The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer uses the same video backend as QuickTime Player 7 (not Quicktime Player 10). Although the reasons are not clear, a few dashcam manufacturers produce MP4 movies that are not compatible with QuickTime Player 7 (and therefore, not Mac Dashcam Viewer). These dashcams include DDPai M6+, Thinkware F750/F770, and Garmin DC20. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do I my end to remedy the situation other than switching the video backend (something I’m contemplating). UPDATE: Dashcam Viewer 3 uses a new video backend and should now be compatible with the Thinkware F750/F770.

17. I would like to run Dashcam Viewer on my Mac and PC. Do I need to buy two licenses?

Yes, each platform is a separate purchase. Developing and maintaining two “separate but more-or-less equal” versions is actually quite challenging and time-consuming.

18. In macOS Catalina or Big Sur, when I try to run the software I’m seeing a popup window like this:
If you see this message, you can run Dashcam Viewer by going to your Security & Privacy settings and selecting the “Open Anyway”.
More details here:
“How to open an app that hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer”:

19. I’m using a Mac and when I try to run your software the first time I get a message like this: 


Mac’s Gatekeeper is blocking DCV from running. In newer versions of macOS, it’s easy to override Gatekeeper: After copying Dashcam Viewer to your Applications folder, right-click on the Dashcam Viewer icon and select ‘Open’ in the popup menu. You will then be given the option to run the program even though it’s not from an ‘approved’ developer. Fortunately, you only have to do this once!

Another way is to temporarily adjust your Security & Privacy settings. Go to your System Preferences and select Security & Privacy. Then choose “Anywhere” for “Allow applications downloaded from:”. After you run DCV the first time successfully you can switch your Security&Privacy settings back.


20. Dashcam Viewer is hanging on my MacBook Pro with Retina display running Yosemite (OS X 10.10). Any idea why?

We have found that the Graphs display on Dashcam Viewer has an issue some Retina Macs. Try this tip from https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202471.

Try opening the application using Low Resolution mode:

  1. Quit the application if it is currently open.
  2. In the Finder, choose Applications from the Go menu.
  3. In the Applications folder that opens, click the application’s icon so it is highlighted.
  4. Choose Get Info from the File menu.
  5. Place a checkmark next to “Open in Low Resolution” to enable Low Resolution mode.
  6. Close the window and double click the Application to reopen it.

21. When I use the “Export Clip” feature I don’t hear audio in the exported clip.

This is a rare issue but the customer who had this problem reported that it only occurred if the clip was played in Quicktime Player. The audio was heard correctly if the clip was played in VLC or the clip was uploaded to YouTube.

22. When I try importing a Dashcam Viewer GPX file into Garmin BaseCamp, I get an error that the file “is not a valid GPX file and cannot be opened.”

Garmin BaseCamp is not importing GPX v1.1 files unless they have the special Garmin extensions. Strangely, BaseCamp does import GPX v1.0 files without extensions.
Fortunately it is trivial to change a Dashcam Viewer GPX v1.1 file into a GPX v1.0 file. On line 2 of the file, simply make the following change and BaseCamp will recognize the GPX file:
Before [GPX v1.1]:
<gpx xmlns=”http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1&#8243; version=”1.1″ creator=”Dashcam Viewer”>
After [GPX v1.0]:
<gpx xmlns=”http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0&#8243; version=”1.0″ creator=”Dashcam Viewer”>

23. I just downloaded/purchased Dashcam Viewer for my new PowerUCC Panorama-G camera and noticed something odd.  All the “extra windows” (map, graph, Data Display Window) are running about 30-seconds AHEAD of the actual video. 

The problem is that the dashcam’s internal clock is not set to the correct time. This issue was confirmed by comparing the displayed clock time in the movie to the time captured by the GPS. Please make sure the camera’s internal clock is synced to GPS time.

24. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with the BMW Advanced Car Eye dash cam?

Previously I had a chance to investigate the Advanced Car Eye dashcam and it does some tricky things. First of all, it combines both front and rear movie track into a single movie file. I’ve only seen this done with one other dashcam, the VisionDrive 9600. The media library software I use with my software does not allow me to separate both tracks. So for the VD dashcam I actually had to write them a pre-processor program that separates the tracks into two movie files. Very complicated for the user. The second problem is that your GPS data is encoded in a proprietary method within the movie file itself. Many times the GPS data is encoded in the movie subtitle stream, but not in this case. Without help from the manufacturer it is extremely difficult to decode.

As a former MINI and 328i owner I would have liked to have made this dashcam work, but I’m afraid it’s got me beat—for now.

25. I get the following error when trying to run the 32-bit version of Dashcam Viewer: “The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

You need to install the “VS2013 Redistributable Packages” on your computer. Download and install the Redistributables from here:


26. I have a Windows PC and got the following error when I ran Dashcam Viewer: The ordinal 4369 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll.

This is an error due to multiple version of the LIBEAY32.dll on your system. User Dennis McKay was able to fix the problem on his PC. He sent a very detailed email on how he fixed the problem:

I found an old system at work that had a lot of miscellaneous software installed on it and 17 copies of LIBEAY32.dll.  None of the copies were in the c:\windows\system32 folder but were in various software installation folders.  I ran dashcamviewer and received the dll error.  I took the LIBEAY32.dll from OpenSSL and placed it in the c:\windows\system32 folder and dashcamviewer ran without an error.  On my computer I moved the LIBEAY32.dll from SysWOW64 to System32 and mine now runs without an error.  Installing the 32 bit version of OpenSSL correctly places the dll in the correct system folder.

From what I have seen and some additional reading on Microsoft TechNet it appears that most programs install the version of LIBEAY32.dll that is used in developing the software in its own folder.  So there are multiple copies and because it is not a registered dll, each program uses the version it installed.  I tried putting this dll into the dashcamviewer directory and it still gave the error, so it expects to see it in the c:\windows\system32 folder.  I have a fair amount of software installed on all of my computers at home and work and none of them have this dll in that folder.

I don’t know why only a couple of us have had this problem or what software the other users are installing that puts this file in the system32 folder.  But I don’t think you need to change the way you are programming it and include this files since statistically the error rate is inconsequential and the fix is simple.  I have never run into this problem before with this library file so just chalk it up to another one of those weird things thanks to Microsoft.


27. I don’t see any GPS data. Why?

Without more specific info it is difficult to diagnose the problem. Here are a few things to check:

1) Are you sure the GPS was ON and had established a lock on the satellites?

2) Are there any error messages displayed? Do you see any data traces in the Graphs window?

3) Make sure your 0803’s internal clock is set to the correct timezone and correct time. DCV relies on the correct timestamp of the movies to sync with the GPS data files. The GPS, your computer, and the dashcam should all have the correct time.

4) If that doesn’t work, send me a clone of your SD card that contains about 3 movies on it and I will try to diagnose the problem. It’s important that you send me an image of the SD card such that the file and folder structure is preserved. The structure should look something like that below. You can send me a zip of the SD card via https://wetransfer.com using my email address as the destination.

28. I am running Windows 7 and Dashcam Viewer shows a black screen when I try to play a movie.

Although many people have reported no issues with Windows 7 and Dashcam Viewer, a number of people have reported the ‘black screen’ issue. For that reason I no longer recommend Win7 for use with DV. I suggest a move to Windows 10, which has much fewer issues with DV.  If you stick with Win7, you could try reducing the movie resolution to 720p on your dashcam’s settings, which may help, or installing the K-Lite codec pack.

29. How can I import a custom vehicle path (trajectory) if my movie doesn’t contain GPS data? 

If your GPS data is from a separate source than your video camera (like a Garmin GPS receiver), you can export your GPS data to GPX file (see here for format), name the gpx file with the same base name as your movie but with a .gpx extension. If the gpx file is in the same directory as the movie file, Dashcam Viewer will load it.

30. Can I get a refund?

After the software unlock key is emailed to you, there are no refunds. Please use the Free version to verify the software works to your liking before purchasing the Standard or PRO version.

31. Is there a version for the iPad?

Sorry, no iPad/iPhone version is in the works. With the large movie file sizes recorded by these cameras transferring data to the iPad would be very slow anyway.

32. I have an idea for a new feature.

Great! Send it to me: john@earthshinesw.com

Due to my day-job and limited spare time I cannot guarantee your idea will be implemented promptly (or even at all). But don’t let that dissuade you. Many features currently implemented in DCV were supplied by users like yourself.

32. I think I found a bug.

Darn. OK, send it to me via email.

212 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi John,

    I have a Voifo A129 Duo Pro and a Late 2013 MacBook Pro. I cannot use the H.264 codec because the macOS VideoToolbox framework is not optimized for it (QuickTime playback is 1-5 fps), so the Dashcam Viewer stops responding after a couple of minutes of the slow, jerky, painful playback.

    The playback of H.265 is fine in QuickTime, even though VTDecoderXPCService uses 200-250% of CPU (out of 400% physical, 800% logical of my i7-4750HQ) when playing the 4K clips, or 50% for FullHD clips. Dashcam Viewer is able to playback the rear FullHD H.265 footages smoothly, but it throws the error below when starting the playback of the front 4K H.265 records (1.6 GiB each 3-minute clip):
    “Timeout occurred while trying to load or play a video. The most likely cause is that the video codec is not compatible with the system’s video playback framework.”

    Apparently, the error message is wrong about the system capabilities because the VideoToolbox framework is able with playback the 4K H.265 clips flawlessly. Where could I find an additional diagnostics or logging on why the app fails to start the playback?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Yuri, smooth 4K HEVC (a.k.a., H.265) video playback with Dashcam Viewer requires a MBP with 7th-generation Intel Core processor better. From Intel on 4K HEVC playback: “Any 7th Gen Intel Core processor or above for 4K UHD playback, as those chips have special provisions to help with HEVC decoding.” The 7th Gen Intel Core processor was “Kaby Lake” and was used in MacBook Pros starting with the 2016 model. So unfortunately you’ll need to upgrade your hardware for smooth 4K HEVC playback. – John

      • Thank you for your answer, John. I’m sorry that my question wasn’t clear. Apparently, a 4th Gen i7 is fully capable of decoding any complex H.265 video. The macOS video framework is consuming 50-60% of the total CPU resources when decoding a 70-Mbps! 4K H.256 footage. Of course, a 7th Gen i7 would consume 10x less resources due to the additional instructions, but it makes no functional difference. Both Dashcam Viewer and QuickTime Player are using the same video framework to do it. Then why couldn’t the Dashcam Viewer use the video framework in the same way as QuickTime Player does? If the issue could be fixed, then Dashcam Viewer could be purchased by thousands of potential customers like me who own such 3-5yo machines capable of doing everything but running Dashcam Viewer. Thanks!

        • Hi Yuri– actually this statement is not quite true : “Both Dashcam Viewer and QuickTime Player are using the same video framework to do it.” Dashcam Viewer uses the same framework as the deprecated QuickTime Player 7, which is different than QuickTime Player v10 that you’re probably using. (Why Dashcam Viewer uses the QuickTime Player 7 framework is another story). Anyway, I’ll bet that if you try to open your HEVC video in QuickTime Player 7, it won’t play.

    • Version 3.6.5 will recognize .TS video files. But whether they play or not depends also on your computer hardware (not all PCs or Macs can play this format).

      • Thank you for your reply, great info!

        P.S. All computer hardware (whether PC or Mac) can play .TS files. It only depends on the software installed (especially the media splitters filters, that handle various containers and streams (.ts, .mkv,. avi etc.). K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the best here.

      • Hi John, again 🙂

        I tried the 3.6.5 version with .TS files from VIOFO A119-G V3 (FW 2.1) and it plays without an issue, but the GPS data is not loaded from this file (no location in DashCam Viewer, no speed etc) but the GPS module was synchronized (speed and location printed on the movie from cam). On .MP4 file it works OK. An FW issue or DCV issue?

        • I’m not familiar with the TS files on that model. Is the GPS data embedded in the TS file or is it in an ancillary file? If you send me the TS file and GPS file (if there is one), I’ll take a look.

          • It is embedded in the .TS file. No additional files there. Sure I will send a raw file to you. Thanks,

  2. Hi John. Version 6.3.4 and all those prior don’t load Uniden iGo CAM 80 1080p 60fps videos. The GPS track is OK. I can put a sample video on my Dropbox for you to download and test. Please let me know.

        • Hi Mike,

          It looks like that sample is not original. Can you please send me a complete video sample right from the SD card? For dashcams that embed their GPS data in the video itself, if the video is edited in anyway, the embedded GPS info will be lost or corrupted. If the GPS information is in a separate file, please send me that file too.


          • Hi John,

            It’s all uploaded OK. I can’t count as there are 5 links and 4 files:-) A little bit more and clearer about what happens at my end.

            Once Dashcam Viewer (DV) is opened, it tries to load the previous video. This will fail as I would have deleted it after reviewing my footage and have only loaded it into DV in order to see where I went precisely (I’m a casual bus driver and take old people on “tours”). I select a new video, this tries to load and generates the “Playback Error”. The Graph then appears and then I select the Map and export this as KML if required. Then I exit DV.

            It would be great if DV would play the video from start to finish, then I could marry the image to the location on the map (great if you have a prang).

            Good luck & thanks,

            Michael (aka Bikegreeny)

  3. If I export, I only get the basic video. I’d like to see the map and the speedometer in the exported file. Any way to do that? Also is there any way to move or resize the picture-in-picture for the rear camera view?

    • Hi Roger, you’ll need a dedicated screen grabber tool, like SnagIt on Windows, to capture the main screen and speedometer widgets. The export clip function just works on the video frames. The good news is that the upcoming version of Dashcam Viewer will let you control how bib the PiP frame is relative to the main frame.

      • Windows has its own built in screen capture. Search fro “snip” and you can chooses between the snipping tool or snip and sketch. Both tools should do what you want and are obviously free. 🙂

      • That’s not really what I’m after as it would capture the edit controls (Previous/Next, Play/Pause etc), and the main video window would be the wrong aspect ratio. I’d like to be able to upload videos to YouTube with the speedometer and G-Forces and the map, but not the various controls. To me, it’s much more important to have these in recorded videos (these would be racing videos) than just being able to watch them myself within the viewer. Maybe something to think about for a future version – I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like more full-featured exports.

        As for Dave’s comments, thanks, but those tools only capture stills. I’m talking about exporting/saving video.

        • Most screen record functions allow you to record a user-defined area of the screen. In that case it may help to re-orient the speedometer vertically (see Windows menu) and move it to the far left side of the video and have the Map on the far right side. Then screen record all three together.

  4. Is it possible to play back the video frame by frame? I.E. Manually step through each frame. This would be a great help in reading number plates and road signs.

  5. Hi,
    I use a 70MAI Dashcam. When I use the app “70mai” i can see the gps datas and the speedometer but when I use “DashCamViewer” there’s no gps datas (=0) which means I can only see the video. Do you have a solution?

        • Hi John,
          I try to record with my 70MAI daschcam in setting to encode using H.264 and I can not see the GPS datas with dashcamviewer.
          Hi John,
          I have tried recording with my 70MAI daschcam with the setting to encode using H.264 and I cannot see the GPS data with dashcamviewer.
          I am sure the data is included in the mp4 files because I have read all the mp4 files with the 70MAI soft android application and I can see the gps and speedometer.
          There is no other file other than mp4 files.
          If you want, I can send you my files encoded in H.264.
          Best regards,
          I’m sur the datas are inclued in the mp4 files because I read all the file with app android soft 70MAI .
          If you want, I can send you my files using H.264.

  6. Hallo,
    i own the Vantrue N2 Pro Cam and run Windows 7. The GPS Data is embedded within the mp4 videos and the GPS-Data is possible to export with dashcamviewer into KML GPX etc.

    BUT i don´t see the map if i start a mp4 movie. It remains blank. For me it´s very important to see the track on a map.

    The Vantrue N2 Pro is listed in you supported cameras but there only for MAC.

    • Hi Markus, I just tested the latest Dashcam Viewer with Vantrue N2 Pro sample videos under Window 10 and they played fine. Also the GPS data was shown on the map. Dashcam Viewer is not recommended for Win7 due to issues like this. Also, please be sure you have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack or else you may see a black screen when playing videos.

  7. Your home page lists the Viofo 119 and 119S as supported cameras. But Question #7 above states that Dashcam does not support *.TS videos. I have the viofo A119 V3 and it records in the .TS mode. Are these different dashcam models?

    • Could be that the newer firmware in the V3 model added TS format. For best results with Dashcam Viewer, MP4 format is recommended, not TS. Most dashcams that support TS also offer MP4 as an option in the settings.

  8. Hi. I recently bought and installed a Viofo A129 Plus Duo and DCV won’t load the second channel. I’ve tried loading the rear camera file individually but I get the error saying I can’t do that. I downloaded your sample files and they seem to work fine (both channels). I’m using v.3.6.0.
    I don’t see the ‘Plus’ model in your list of cameras. I think it’s a newer model. Just wondering if you’re working on this?

  9. Hi John. I have three Falcon Zero bought long time ago. I used software with no problems. Last version of software I used is 2.7.3
    I use the devices but haven’t seen the movies using software. Now I need to see specific movie clip, but I can’t. I am afraid to update to new version, because I do not want to buy software over again. Can you please let me know what to do.

    • The upgrade from v2.7.3 to v3.6 is free so go ahead and download the latest version. Your registration code will carry over. If it doesn’t then you can always go back to v2.7.3.

  10. I see no reference to the new BlackVue DR900S-2CH; I’m currently using StreetGuardian in my vehicles but wanted to try the latest BlackVue. I hope this isn’t because they’re doing something cruel&unusual with their embedded GPS & other exif data, could you let me know? Thanks!
    Also – sorry another question – I’m getting away from Windoze altogether and have a new laptop running Ubunto 20.04, it’s great, is the Mac version linux enough to run on 20.04? Thanks again.

    • The embedded GPS data is decoded correctly, but playing the 4K HEVC (H.265) front videos of the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is a challenge for Dashcam Viewer. On my low-end Windows computer, the front video stutters, rear plays OK. Perhaps it would perform better on a higher-end machine. Does the DR900S have a setting to change to H.264? This would improve performance.

      Sorry, no, the Mac version won’t work on a Linux machine.

  11. I have a Thinkware F750 and it separate videos for “incident/event” recording. This creates a gap in the continuous recording mode. For example, if you drive on a road and hit a bump and the incident is triggered, then 10 seconds before the and after the bump video frames are moved to the incident recording folder. I haven’t found an easy way to combine these if I wanted a continuous video.Can DV perform this in the merge video functionality?

    • DV doesn’t look into nested folders for additional videos. It only looks in the top-level directory you choose. You can try copying the files from the ‘incident’ folder into the ‘continuous’ folder so DV can find them.

  12. catalina mac 10.15.2 and dashcam viewer 2.7.8, screen shows video info but stays black and can not get it to run, any idea?

  13. is this technical limitation or bug? When combining multiple clips into one, when its size is greater than 16Gb dashcam viewer is not able to play it. other players plays merged video file without problems.

  14. I looked into this phone’s specs, and it doesn’t seem to have a built-in GPS unit. So I wouldn’t recommend it for Dashcam Viewer.

  15. Hi software is working great for me and working well with dash cam footage but I can’t seen to be able to export a picture in picture clip? (front and rear) It says the required support for picture in picture version shipped with Dashcam Viewer is LGPL licensed but I need GPL to achieve this?

    • Leon, you will need to replace the ffmpeg helper program with the GPL version of ffmpeg. You can find the executable GPL ffmpeg application on ffmpeg.org. The instructions for replacing ffmpeg are in the Dashcam Viewer users manual.

  16. When will support for the Rexing V1P Pro be added? Only the GPS mapping isn’t working. It is plotting the location in the Atlantic Ocean. Let me know if you need sample videos.

  17. Have there been any advancements on a linux port? I’ve used linux for 10+ years but always needed a vbox from time to time. I would be nice not to have to use it.

    • Hi Glen, I like Linux too but I’m not actively pursuing a Linux port at this time. Supporting Mac and Windows is a time-consuming effort in and of itself.

      • I just want to toss in another vote for this if you ever find the time.. you’re already 95% of the way there given that you’re using Qt and ffmpeg. In the meantime, for anyone else reading, this software does work under Wine; it just looks bad without native theming.

        Use innoextract to extract the setup file.. “innoextract -e setup.exe”. The just run “wine Dashcam\ Viewer.exe” from the app folder to run it. I’m using wine 4.1 on Solus at the time of writing. Ugly, but works fine.

    • Johan, your serial code was sent to your mac.com email address on Jan 13th @ 5:45 AM PST (the same day you purchased). Please check your Junk email folder (sometimes the email ends up in there). I will resend just to make sure you get it.

  18. Hi John
    I wrote to you a while ago about the possibility of the inclusion of theAudi Unirversal Traffic Cam I have installed in my car. I was wondering on progress
    Many thanks

  19. Is there a way to flip the rear camera footage to emulate a rear mirror? Even if it takes adding gluten?

  20. Great software … but I don’t understand how to do one thing. How can I save all of the attributes of my current session? When I press the “Reset Window Positions” option, instead of resetting the defaults to that which are currently on screen, and reflect my desires, I return to the default profile instead.

    If the above is not currently possible:

    I’d like to be able to create my own default profile, which is loaded when the application starts, and perhaps even when the “Reset Window Positions” option is selected. This results in part because my monitor’s settings are maxed out at 1920x1080px … which contributes perhaps to my discomfort with the current defaults, which while replicable, appear to me to be slightly jumbled/overlapping.

    With respect to the profile above, I’d like the profile to capture the main viewer screen’s settings for both video streams (SG9663DC here), and restore these after restarting the application.

    I’ve not yet become a paying customer (I only installed the dashcam yesterday) but I will get a license when I’m using one of my home PCs. With respect to the license, I’ve got multiple Windows PCs that I use at home (all in the same private Class C subnet). I only use one PC at a time, but using a KVM I switch between them constantly. Will a single license suffice for my non-concurrent use on multiple privately owned PCs?

    Thanks again for the wonderful software!

    • Larry, thanks for the feedback. Dashcam Viewer should ‘remember’ your last window positions so they are restored upon restart. Larger screen resolutions tend to work better.

      You’re right that Reset Window Positions resets the windows to prescribed locations which are not user-configurable. Your suggestion to have the Reset Window Positions function reset to a user-configurable state is a good one, which I can add to the ToDo list.

      As per the EULA you can install on two PCs.


  21. Hi John,

    Every time i open up the dash cam viewer, there is a pop to download latest codec.
    i did install them many times, but it still displaying every time.
    Does it got anything to do with my initial setup ?

    – Window 10 user

    • Rajesh, you should only need to install it once. After that, just click the “Don’t Show Me This Again” button and the reminder will not display again.

    • I am not familiar with that dashcam model, Robert. If you have one, please see FAQ question #1 for sending me samples files.

  22. Hi, I cannot see the gps track on map when google maps is selected (the maps moves when the car moves but there is no track shown on map). Only MapQuest works.

    • Yep, I noticed this too and have been working to understand the issue. As far as I can tell, on or around Feb 14, 2018 Google changed something with their Map service which prevents the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer from drawing anything on top of the map (markers, routes, etc.). Interestingly this only affects the Mac version– the Windows version works nominally. I have a beta version of Mac Dashcam Viewer in progress, which uses a different architecture for accessing the web services, and it also works with Google Maps. So in the future, this won’t be an issue. But for now, please use the Mapquest Map option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  23. HELP! Totally new to this and have no idea what I am doing or per your instructions what I need to do. I own a VANTRUE OnDash X1. Anyway you can helo by walking me through this? Greatly appreciate it.

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