1. Will Dashcam Viewer work with my dashcam?

The only models I have tested against are listed on the dashcamviewer.com home page. Other models may or may not work.

If your dashcam movies do not play in DCV or you don’t see any GPS data displayed, I may be able to make it work — if you help me. You’ll need to send me a ‘clone’ or zip of your camera’s SD card disk image. The clone should contain at least 3 movies and associated GPS data files. Some dashcams use separate files for the videos and the GPS data. In that case, the file/folder structure of the clone must be preserved. For example, the Mini 0801 stores its movie and GPS data like so:

SD Card
 |--- DCIM
   |--- 100MEDIA
     |--- AMBA0462.MOV 
     |--- AMBA0463.MOV 
 |--- MISC
 |--- gps
   |--- gps0462.log
   |--- gps0463.log

Zip a copy of the entire SD Card folder. You can send me the zip via https://wetransfer.com. My email is john@earthshinesw.com.

2. How do I register the software?

You register from within the Dashcam Viewer program. Click here for more info or watch the registration video.

3. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with the Rexing V1P Pro?

Although Dashcam Viewer works with the Rexing V1LG and V1P, the latest firmware of the V1P Pro and V1P (Gen3) was written such that the vehicle’s latitude and longitude waypoints are now encoded in a proprietary format that I haven’t seen before. Two V1P Pro owners have contacted Rexing to request the data encoding scheme, but Rexing has refused to provide assistance. So unless Rexing agrees to provide the encoding scheme or I ‘crack’ the encoding, I’m afraid I won’t be able to support the V1P Pro or Gen3. I suggest contacting Rexing on this issue. There’s power in numbers.

4. After I download the Windows version from your website and run the setup.exe, I get an warning saying “SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting”. What do I do?

On Win8.1 click on More Info to reveal the “Run Anyway” button. Click the Run Anyway button and the install will proceed. There is probably an equivalent override option in Win7 and Win10.

5. Why can’t I see my Map window?

Sometimes the windows obscure each other. Try selecting the Map window from the Windows menu of Dashcam Viewer and it should be brought to the forefront.

6. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with the DOD LS460W or Nextbase 402G?

I would love to support the DOD Tech LS460W and the Nextbase 402G! But some dashcam models, like these two, embed their GPS data into the movie file in a proprietary way.  Without data format information from the manufacturer, decoding the GPS data is very difficult. I believe both the LS460W and 402G encoded their GPS data using the same method.

I’ve tried to contact DOD Tech  (info@dod-tec.co) but they never responded. I also reached out to Nextbase (sales@nextbase.co.uk). They responded with a “we’ll get back to you” and that was it. Perhaps if enough DOD Tech or Nextbase customers contact them they would be more forthcoming.

7. I have a Viofo A119. The movies play fine but I don’t see any GPS data in the Map or Graphs. What’s going on?

I have heard this complaint from a dozen A119 customers so far. I have examined sample movie files provided to me and have determined that there is no GPS data written into the movie file. Here are hex dumps of the movie file where the GPS data is supposed to be in sample movies produced by two different A119 dashcams. Only the A119 on the right is correctly writing data into the movie file.a119_no_gps_data

This A119 is NOT working correctly. It is not embedding GPS data into the movie file. 


This A119 is working correctly and saving GPS data to the movie file. 

A number of A119 owners have corrected the problem by downgrading the firmware from 2.01 to 2.0.  In one case the vendor (SpyTech) exchanged the customer’s A119 for a new one. Presumably this fixed the problem. If you send me a sample movie I can examine it to see if it has this problem.

UPDATE: Viofo notes that it addressed this issue in the firmware v2.02 update.

8. Does Dashcam Viewer work with the DDPai M6+ dashcam?

This popular dashcam is not “officially” supported. The way the DDPai M6+ manipulates files and stores GPS data on the card is unique among dashcam manufacturers. They store some of their GPS data in a folder called “103gps” although some folks had their GPS data in a folder called “203gps”. Furthermore, not all the GPS data is in these folders. Some of it is stored in an archive format and is dearchived by the dashcam when needed. So the state of files on the SD card is always in flux. Sadly, DDPai does not seem interested in supporting the desktop community and instead focuses on smartphone users. In a recent post in a dashcam forum DDPai states, “our products were designed to connect to smartphone for pictures and video sharing on social community, and we built our own community to make more fun to use our social car dvr, rather than just recorder.”

That said, Dashcam Viewer will look for DDPai “gpx” files in the 103gps and 203gps directories. So as long as there are filename-matching gpx files in the 103gps or 203gps folders then the DDPai M6+ is “unofficially supported” in Windows Dashcam Viewer.  Unfortunately, the MP4 movie format they use is not compatible with the QuickTime Player 7 library so the movies don’t play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer.

9. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with my Garmin Dash Cam 35, 45, 55, etc…?

I’ve had the opportunity to examine Garmin Dashcam movies in a binary file editors as well as a couple of movie player apps. I was not able to locate the GPS tag information in the file. I’m not surprised — Garmin is good at hiding and encoding their GPS data. I’d need help from the Garmin engineers to locate and decode the GPS data. Until then there’s not much I can do.

10. My dashcam’s movies don’t play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer. Why?

The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer uses the same video backend as QuickTime Player 7 (not Quicktime Player 10). Although the reasons are not clear, a few dashcam manufacturers produce MP4 movies that are not compatible with QuickTime Player 7 (and therefore, not Mac Dashcam Viewer). These dashcams include DDPai M6+, Thinkware F750/F770, and Garmin DC20. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do I my end to remedy the situation other than switching the video backend (something I’m contemplating). UPDATE: Dashcam Viewer 3 uses a new video backend and should now be compatible with the Thinkware F750/F770.

11. I would like to run Dashcam Viewer on my Mac and PC. Do I need to buy two licenses?

Yes, each platform is a separate purchase. Developing and maintaining two “separate but more-or-less equal” versions is actually quite challenging and time-consuming.

12. I’m using a Mac and when I try to run your software the first time I get a message like this: 


Mac’s Gatekeeper is blocking DCV from running. You need to temporarily adjust your Security & Privacy settings. Go to your System Preferences and select Security & Privacy. Then choose “Anywhere” for “Allow applications downloaded from:”. After you run DCV the first time successfully you can switch your Security&Privacy settings back.


In newer version of macOS, it’s a lot simpler. After copying Dashcam Viewer to your Applications folder, right-click on the Dashcam Viewer icon and select ‘Open’ in the popup menu. You will then be given the option to run the program even though it’s not from an ‘approved’ developer. Fortunately, you only have to do this once!

13. Dashcam Viewer is hanging on my MacBook Pro with Retina display running Yosemite (OS X 10.10). Any idea why?

We have found that the Graphs display on Dashcam Viewer has an issue some Retina Macs. Try this tip from https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202471.

Try opening the application using Low Resolution mode:

  1. Quit the application if it is currently open.
  2. In the Finder, choose Applications from the Go menu.
  3. In the Applications folder that opens, click the application’s icon so it is highlighted.
  4. Choose Get Info from the File menu.
  5. Place a checkmark next to “Open in Low Resolution” to enable Low Resolution mode.
  6. Close the window and double click the Application to reopen it.

14. When I use the “Export Clip” feature I don’t hear audio in the exported clip.

This is a rare issue but the customer who had this problem reported that it only occurred if the clip was played in Quicktime Player. The audio was heard correctly if the clip was played in VLC or the clip was uploaded to YouTube.

15. I just downloaded/purchased Dashcam Viewer for my new PowerUCC Panorama-G camera and noticed something odd.  All the “extra windows” (map, graph, Data Display Window) are running about 30-seconds AHEAD of the actual video. 

The problem is that the dashcam’s internal clock is not set to the correct time. This issue was confirmed by comparing the displayed clock time in the movie to the time captured by the GPS. Please make sure the camera’s internal clock is synced to GPS time.

16. Why doesn’t Dashcam Viewer work with the BMW Advanced Car Eye dash cam?

Previously I had a chance to investigate the Advanced Car Eye dashcam and it does some tricky things. First of all, it combines both front and rear movie track into a single movie file. I’ve only seen this done with one other dashcam, the VisionDrive 9600. The media library software I use with my software does not allow me to separate both tracks. So for the VD dashcam I actually had to write them a pre-processor program that separates the tracks into two movie files. Very complicated for the user. The second problem is that your GPS data is encoded in a proprietary method within the movie file itself. Many times the GPS data is encoded in the movie subtitle stream, but not in this case. Without help from the manufacturer it is extremely difficult to decode.

As a former MINI and 328i owner I would have liked to have made this dashcam work, but I’m afraid it’s got me beat—for now.

17. I have a Panorama X2 with front and rear cameras. How do I view both movies simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode on my Mac?

This mode is supported in DCV v1.6.3 and higher. See the FAQ section of the Users Manual for details.

18. I get the following error when trying to run the 32-bit version of Dashcam Viewer: “The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

You need to install the “VS2013 Redistributable Packages” on your computer. Download and install the Redistributables from here:


19. I have a Windows PC and got the following error when I ran Dashcam Viewer: The ordinal 4369 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll.

This is an error due to multiple version of the LIBEAY32.dll on your system. User Dennis McKay was able to fix the problem on his PC. He sent a very detailed email on how he fixed the problem:

I found an old system at work that had a lot of miscellaneous software installed on it and 17 copies of LIBEAY32.dll.  None of the copies were in the c:\windows\system32 folder but were in various software installation folders.  I ran dashcamviewer and received the dll error.  I took the LIBEAY32.dll from OpenSSL and placed it in the c:\windows\system32 folder and dashcamviewer ran without an error.  On my computer I moved the LIBEAY32.dll from SysWOW64 to System32 and mine now runs without an error.  Installing the 32 bit version of OpenSSL correctly places the dll in the correct system folder.

From what I have seen and some additional reading on Microsoft TechNet it appears that most programs install the version of LIBEAY32.dll that is used in developing the software in its own folder.  So there are multiple copies and because it is not a registered dll, each program uses the version it installed.  I tried putting this dll into the dashcamviewer directory and it still gave the error, so it expects to see it in the c:\windows\system32 folder.  I have a fair amount of software installed on all of my computers at home and work and none of them have this dll in that folder.

I don’t know why only a couple of us have had this problem or what software the other users are installing that puts this file in the system32 folder.  But I don’t think you need to change the way you are programming it and include this files since statistically the error rate is inconsequential and the fix is simple.  I have never run into this problem before with this library file so just chalk it up to another one of those weird things thanks to Microsoft.


20. I don’t see any GPS data. Why?

Without more specific info it is difficult to diagnose the problem. Here are a few things to check:

1) Are you sure the GPS was ON and had established a lock on the satellites?

2) Are there any error messages displayed? Do you see any data traces in the Graphs window?

3) Make sure your 0803’s internal clock is set to the correct timezone and correct time. DCV relies on the correct timestamp of the movies to sync with the GPS data files. The GPS, your computer, and the dashcam should all have the correct time.

4) If that doesn’t work, send me a clone of your SD card that contains about 3 movies on it and I will try to diagnose the problem. It’s important that you send me an image of the SD card such that the file and folder structure is preserved. The structure should look something like that below. You can send me a zip of the SD card via https://wetransfer.com using my email address as the destination.

21. I am running Windows 7 and Dashcam Viewer shows a black screen when I try to play a movie.

Although many people have reported no issues with Windows 7 and Dashcam Viewer, a number of people have reported the ‘black screen’ issue. For that reason I no longer recommend Win7 for use with DV. I suggest a move to Windows 10, which has much fewer issues with DV.  If you stick with Win7, you could try reducing the movie resolution to 720p on your dashcam’s settings, which may help, or installing the K-Lite codec pack.

22. How can I import a custom vehicle path (trajectory) if my movie doesn’t contain GPS data? 

If your GPS data is from a separate source than your video camera (like a Garmin GPS receiver), you can export your GPS data to GPX file (see here for format), name the gpx file with the same base name as your movie but with a .gpx extension. If the gpx file is in the same directory as the movie file, Dashcam Viewer will load it.

23. Is there a version for the iPad?

Sorry, no iPad/iPhone version is in the works. With the large movie file sizes recorded by these cameras transferring data to the iPad would be very slow anyway.

24. I have an idea for a new feature.

Great! Send it to me: john@earthshinesw.com

Due to my day-job and limited spare time I cannot guarantee your idea will be implemented promptly (or even at all). But don’t let that dissuade you. Many features currently implemented in DCV were supplied by users like yourself.

25. I think I found a bug.

Darn. OK, send it to me via email.


163 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello. Do you have any experience QStar LE7. I plan to get that camera and want to be able to use it with DCV 🙂
    Greetings for the nice player.

  2. Hello John, I got a Garmin DC 55 last week. With the free version (5 files) I only can see the movie, but no GPS information or any google maps. Before I purchase this fine software I wanted to know whether the DC55 files are compatible? Thank you.

    • Most Garmins (DC20 excluded) store their GPS data in a proprietary way which I have not been able to “crack” so I can’t support these dash cams at this time.

  3. I have a ddpai M6 Plus and it appears to work OK with Dashcam Viewer just tested it with the free version,even though others have reported problems. One feature though that I really wish it could do is to export to jpg with coordinates written to the EXIF. I would like to be able to export say an image every 1 second and then use those to upload to mapillary. Any chance of this being added?

    • Steven, I am investigating GPS data in the EXIF block and have made progress. In the mean time the PNG export feature writes the location coordinates in the filename. Perhaps that will work for you for the time being?

      • Thanks just bought Dashcamviewer, hope you can implement the export to JPG with coordinates. At the moment I am using a Mapillary Python script to do this, but would be far easier in Dashcamviwer.

        I thought the PNG export only did one image not a whole sequence.

        Keep up the good work 🙂

        • You can use Export CSV or Export GPX to create a file with the coordinates every 1-second, but export PNG only works on the current movie frame. Perhaps there is 3rd-party video software that can export frames from a movie at a given interval? That’s a little beyond DV at the moment. BTW, I’m still working on exporting JPG with EXIF coordinates. But this will be single frame, like export PNG.

  4. I have two identical Viofo A119S cams – one at the front, and one at the rear. Any chance to get Dashcam show both video streams in synchronized picture-in-picture mode? Thanks.

  5. What about Viofo A119S GPS data and latest DashCam 2.6.2. In this version GPS data is not loaded. In older version 2.5.9 it worked really fine

  6. Hi John

    Any chance you’ll support GPS data from the DDPai M6 Plus? Happy to supply some sample files if required. Funnily enough the hi res video plays fine @1440P @ 25fps although I’ve seen other comments here about it not being supported. This on a Win10 x64 machine.

    Also – what are your plans with QT now Apple has dropped support on the Windows platform? I imagine it won’t even get installed on many Win machines given the security issues and vulnerabilities.

    • The DDPai M6+ is quite different than other dash cams in the way it stores its GPS data. Although the M6+ is not officially supported, I did add code to read its GPS data if the movie’s associated GPS file is in the 103gps or 203gps subdirectory. The GPS data file must have the same base name as the movie file.

      On Windows, I don’t use QuickTime API.

      • And further to that info if I restrict the video files in the 200 video directory to match the files in the 203gps directory then the software does indeed work. However DDPAI have a way of accessing those git files in the TAR subdir and matching them up to the video files.

        • The way DDPai stores their GPS data on the card is unique among dashcam manufacturers and somewhat convoluted. Also, last I checked, still in a state of flux. They used to store some of their GPS data in a folder called “103gps”. But some folks had their GPS data in a folder called “203gps”. Furthermore, not all the GPS data is in these folders. Some of it is stored in archive format, as you discovered. The file extension system they use is also confusing (what they call a “gpx” file is not really a gpx file). That said, DV will look for DDPai gpx files in the 103gps and 203gps directories. Sorry, no unarchiving on my end for now.

          • Hi
            I also have a DDPai M6+ and the data does appear to be stored all over the place, in my case I have the 203gps folder and I bought the camera last week.
            So I thought about ‘re-arranging’ the data to help DV find everything it needs, 5 minutes with Windows Explorer should achieve this.
            So my question, is there a directory structure that will help DV find everything from the M6+?
            I have a 32Gb TF card full of data I can upload if needed, or happy to wipe it and run my normal commute tomorrow and then upload that if it would help.

            The software is very slick and if it takes 5 minutes of effort on my part each time I copy data then its a small price.



          • Adam, rename the .gpx files in the 203gps directory to have the same name as the .mp4 files. Then when you load the mp4 movies into DV, you should see the GPS data. For example, if a movie on the SD card is named 20160817122058_180.MP4, make sure there is a file 20160817122058_180.gpx in the 203gps directory. Note that the MP4 files created by the M6+ are not compatible with the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer.

  7. Now in 2017. Looks like an old post, but where are we with the Linux port ?

    Since Qt 5.x, the Windows -> Linux port should be straight away, and if you need help, we could use both Qt and OpenCV (www.opencv.org, multi OS) to add fun to this software.

    Quickly, I’m a sport camera user (for handball training + video analysis), and I’m interested too with the Linux port of your software. Plus, as Linux / Mac / (a little bit Windows) developer**, I propose to help if you need help (C++/C but not only), and I’m sure other will join soon.

    Last but not least, I could even help with my students, e.g. through “projects” : when there is a will, there is a way.


    **see the link to see what I did some times ago

    • As someone who has done a lot of cross-platform development, it’s never as easy as it seems. The saying with multi-platform development frameworks is, “compile once, debug everywhere”. That said, Qt is the best framework for building such a monster. The real problem for me is not lack of desire but balancing Linux-platform development time against other demands right now.

      I’ve been toying with the idea of integrating OpenCV into Dashcam Viewer to ‘read’ license plates. If you have talented students who are looking for a fun project perhaps you could have them build a simple “Hello world” Qt project that reads license plates from videos and uses Phonon (Qt4) and QMultiMedia (Qt5) on the backend? I have gigabytes of sample dashcam videos in my library for them to use. 🙂 Thank you for your offer of support!

  8. Just bought a new Thinkware F770. (Am a bit disappointment with the video quality as it will only show UK number plates clearly enough in straight ahead position and fairly close.) I’m currently trying the free version of Dashcam Viewer and agree it’s far superior to the Thinkware PC viewer, but I have one problem: If I try and save a movie clip or merge two movies together, Nothing I have will play the resulting .mp4 file. Not VLC, GOM or Windows Media Player. I think there’s a problem with how the .MP4 file is being made as it completes very quickly and is only 1kB big. Running Windows 10 (64). If this issue can be resolved, I will be purchasing eh full version.

    • Doug, I think the problem is that the merging process required more time to finish. After the merge is complete you should see a “Merge Complete!” message appear. If you try opening the movie before the message appears then it will not be playable. If this doesn’t solve the problem please email me two of your movies so I can test over here. Thanks! – John

          • OK – I haven’t heard any more via this page or by email, but I happened to see that a new version Dashcam Viewer v2.5.7 was released with the following enhancements:

            New Features:

            Improved load time for some dashcams
            Improved handling of bad GPS data in files
            RAC210 dashcam is now supported

            Bug Fixes:

            Fixed bug that would cause the Merge Movies and Export Movie Clip features to produce bad output files for some movie file types.

            So I tried the Merge Movies and Export Movie Clip and it worked – thanks.

            It’s a shame that the GPS tracking is lost when you do either of these. Also what would be really good is that when you export with a zoomed view, this view would be exported.

            I have recently added a rear camera to the Thinkware F770 and am a little disappointment that Dashcam Viewer doesn’t support simultaneous display of front and rear cameras views.

            However well done on getting the export and merge to work:)

    • Hi Sharky’s– Dashcam Viewer relies on a 3rd-party video library for displaying the movies so unfortunately I’m at the mercy of whatever capabilities that library has. Currently there is an incompatibility with video resolutions greater than 1080p on some Windows systems. I’m hoping a future update to the library will address this issue. In the mean time you may find that the tiny sensors and lenses on these dashcams do not make a significant difference in actual image definition between 1080p and 1440p.

  9. Hello John
    nice greetings,
    I use a registered program DASH Cam Viewer, which works well. The latest version, which I managed to install version 2.1.8.
    Everyone else – and the latest version is 2.1.8 Norton Security as well ZEMAN blocked and WIN 10 does not allow me to install.
    What do I do with it

    • If the problem is that the security software is preventing Dashcam Viewer installation because “it is not a signed app” or it’s “from an unknown developer” then just go into software’s settings and do a manual override. Search online how to do this for Norton and Zeman. If the reason the installation is failing is something else, then let me know.

  10. Hi, I am impressed with your software. Any idea if/when higher resolution will be supported? I bought a $100 recorder (A119) that has great resolution because resolution matters, and downgrading its output capability only to use your software is a workaround, not a fix. Cameras are getting better every day. I would think this would rate pretty high on the features list–after all, even people who refuse to pay anything for an operating system eventually buy a better camera. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hello Dan, excellent question. I rely on a 3rd-party video library for displaying the movies so unfortunately I’m at the mercy of whatever capabilities that library has. Currently there is an incompatibility with video resolutions greater than 1080p on some Windows systems. I’m hoping a future update to the library will address this issue. In the mean time you may find that the tiny sensors and lenses on these dashcams do not make a significant difference in actual image definition between 1080p and 1440p.

  11. I have the a119, just got today. I have a macbook pro. The movies play fine. The data and map stuff seem to work fine. My problem is is that they are all separate windows that don’t play nice with each other. If I play the mover then the other screens sit on top. If I try to resize things they don’t like to resize without pushing the entire movie screen over to the right (very weird). I assumed from looking at your tutorial video, that the windows would all just snap next to each other .

    • What I like to do is first make sure the Sync Window Movement option is off (see the Windows menu). Then I size and position all the windows the way I like. Then I turn on the Sync Window Movement option. This allows me to move one window and the rest all move along with it.

    • The Windows version of Dashcam Viewer can read the HP dashcam GPS data, but unfortunately none of the HP dashcams’ movie files plays in the Windows version of Dashcam Viewer. Sorry about that!

  12. Hi, I have a Nextbase 512G and wondered if you will be enabling your software to work with this as I don’t see it on the list at the moment.
    The other question I have, is I use this as part of my work surveying roads, and need to be able to export all the information on the screen, i.e. GPS data, speed, map overlay and camera view, etc, so it can be recorded onto a master DVD for replication or downloading/streaming. Can this be done with your software?

    • Ah, you have the infamous NextBase 512G. In the 512G, NextBase encoded the GPS data in a proprietary. I’ve tried for months to get NextBase to provide me with the decoding information, with no luck. Please see FAQ question #6. Perhaps you, as a customer, could get them to act on this issue. I’d love to support your dashcam but I can’t without Nextbase’s help.

      As for your second question, most dashcams have settings which turn on data overlays which are burned into the video.


  13. Hi John. I’m searching a viable solution to register long videos, GPS tagged, from train cabins to monitorate the vegetation growth in the railway lines. This is my work. I need to export the data in CSV to couple my revisions to an exact position in the railway line and the correspondent exact video time (photogram). My question is: The action camera Garmin VIRB Elite is compatible with Dashcam View like the Garmin Dashcam 20?

    • Hi Carlos, the Garmin VIRB stores its GPS data in such a way that it makes synchronizing a video to a GPX more challenging than most, so it’s not at the top of my list for adding support. That being said, the next version of Dashcam Viewer will have a geotagging capability which should make your job easier. The rub is that you’re going to need a compatible dashcam.

  14. John; I have a Eborn EB-G01 HDcar DVR. The video plays fine: it is a MP4 format. However, I get no gps info anywhere. No speed on the viewer, or data on data, map or graph windows. Can you help?

    • The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer can play the front and rear channels of certain 2-channel dashcams, like the Koonlung K1S and BlackVue DR750GW-2CH. But currently there is no way to sync the front and rear channels from two separate dashcams.

  15. Hi John,
    Your software looks excellent but I’m having a problem seeing the video recorded from an Hp310 daschcam. It’s recorded in standard 1080p, plays in VLC etc. I see the GPS track data but the video is black. The odd thing is that the track doesn’t update either. It’s like the software isn’t even starting the video. If I drag the time slider then the GPS updates accordingly but still just black video.
    I’ve tried this on two very different Windows 10 64 bit machines, 1 high end laptop (HP Spectre with i7 processor, SSD and 8G RAM) and a homebrew Desktop with Quad core AMD processor and a mid-range graphics card running two DVI monitors.
    Exactly the same symptom on both machines.Am I doing something dumb??

    • Yes, unfortunately the movies produced by the HP310 are, for some reason, not compatible with the Windows version of Dashcam Viewer. They work fine in the Mac version, however. Sorry for the trouble. I’ve seen this with a few other dashcam models as well.

  16. Purchased the software (Mac Version) after trying the trial version for my A118C dashcam. I REALLY LIKE this application after using it for several weeks. I bailed on Garmin and Garmin Express as I had nothing but software and camera crashes. Dashcam Viewer with the A118C does everything I need and more. The only bug I experienced was that sometimes the mapping window would go black. But if I restarted all the windows it worked fine again. I love the ability to export in different formats and the skip file (1X and 10X feature). On my wish list is the ability to export without GPS data (such as speed)…just in case I am incriminating myself…..errrr, no….what I mean is “in order to simplify my legal argument and reduce unnecessary data display for the mutual benefit of the judge and the third party’s insurance company.” Yeah, that’s it….that’s what I meant to say. Lastly, thank frickin’ God someone knows how to write proper user documentation with pics for a change. It made all the difference in the world compared to a third generation translation run through a Reader’s Digest/Rosetta Stone filter. When will developers realize that user documentation can make or break an application and reduce technical support pains exponentially? I realize others may have bug issues with other platforms and cameras, but for a change that wasn’t me this time (Yeah, that’s right, ha ha). The combo of this software and the A118C are a winner. Thanks Earthshine. Totally worth my money — 5/5 Stars. OK, now everyone get back to work now…..

    • Lol, thanks for the comments, PT! Glad to hear someone actually RTFM. Regarding the speed display– many dashcams have the option to turn off the on-screen display of speed. Check your dashcam’s settings.

  17. This is asked and answered, but I must second the request: PLEASE get me compatibility with the Thinkware 750 for OS X. I love your program but I stopped using PCs years ago and now rely on MacBooks and iOS devices. Your product’s quality exceeds that which the manufacturer (Thinkware) provides it’s consumers, and I’m SOLD! If you can get it to work I will be really happy. Thanks in advance!

    • Anthony, I’d love to claim compatibility with the F750 but I’m afraid the problem is beyond my control. The MP4 files produced do not play in Quicktime Player 7. In general, movies that play correctly in Apple’s Quicktime Player 7 are compatible with Dashcam Viewer, and vice versa, since they use the same video backend. For some reason Thinkware’s F750 MP4 movie container is not recognized by Quicktime Player 7. If it was, then I believe the F750 would be compatible with Dashcam Viewer.

  18. Purchased a DOD LS430 and read in the faqs how its not currently supported in your software – FYI version 2.4 of the Datakam does work with the LS430 .Mov files and displays GPS velocity and G force data- alas its not as robust of elegant as your software but they have found some way of getting the data out of the .mov file maybe they will share their solution 🙂 then U can buy your product 🙂

    • Yeah, I can see the GPS data in the .mov file. The problem is decoding it. Without clues from the manufacturer it is very difficult to interpret. Could be that datakam is working with the DOD folks under a non-disclosure.

    • There is something odd about the MP4 files created by the F750. They do not play in Dashcam Viewer or in QuickTime Player 7 (error code issued) but the do play on the Mac’s QuickTime Player. I hope they’ll fix the issue in a firmware update because there’s not much I can do on my end to fix it I’m afraid.

      • John, you author the best dash cam viewer apps for the Mac, so first of all THANK YOU.

        I also recently purchased the Thinkware F750, and I’d love to use your viewer than the crappy Mac version that Thinkware provides. What can we end-users do to get TW to remedy this MP4 coding issue?

        Much obliged!

        • Tom, thanks for the comments. Like I mentioned to Anthony there is something funny about Thinkware’s MP4 file format. Thinkware may not care about Dashcam Viewer but if end-users complained to Thinkware that the F750’s movies do not play in Apple’s Quicktime Player 7 or Pro, then perhaps they will investigate. If they tweak their MP4 container to work with Quicktime Player 7, then I think Dashcam Viewer compatibility will come along for the ride.

          • Done, John. I’ve just sent them the following:

            “Greetings. There’s something odd about Thinkware’s MP4 file format on Mac OS X. F750’s movies do not play in Apple’s Quicktime 7 or Pro (although they can be viewed using your Dashcam viewer software). When trying to read the MP4 file using Quicktime 7 or Pro, an error message appears that reads ‘An invalid sample description was found in the movie.’

            “I am aware that the Quicktime Player (not to be confused with Quicktime 7 or Pro) is able to play the movies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t let me see the map, driving speed, GPS coordinates and the other related details. The Mac version of your viewer software is supposed to play the videos and display the missing details, but the Mac version has several shortcomings when compared with the Windows version. I have been trying to use a third party viewer that is widely popular among Mac users made by Earthshine (www.dashcamviewer.com), but the F750 movies cannot be played in it due to the invalid MP4 format. Interestingly, movies from your F550 work fine.

            “Please investigate this issue and remedy it, so that the MP4 movies can be played properly on the Macintosh platform.”

          • John, I’ve gotten a reply from Thinkware that I’d like to send to you privately, and away from the FAQ section.

            How may I do so?

            Thank you!

  19. Hi, I just bought two Rexing Dash Cams – one S300 and one V1. Can this Dashcam Viewer work with these models?
    Thank you,

  20. Any way to ‘save’ preferences? After a movie file, the next file reverts to Default setting…example:Fill Screen. Next file reverts to Keep Aspect. Win10 OS.
    Thank you, Bill

    • Bill, you can save certain settings on a per-movie basis. Just click the disk icon in the bottom left. More detail on this feature in the Users Manual.

    • This bug has been reported before on the PC version, but I’m not able to repeat it on either of my two PCs. Frustrating. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  21. i just tried to play movies of my DOD LS-460w and it is playing well,no problem with the last free version of DCV,running on my notebook Under WIN7 64bits

  22. Works, thanks, but the image is interrupted, video is not smooth, as if it 15-20 frame per seconds.
    In the player video runs well, but in this program images is discontinue.

    I must to install the vcredist_arm.exe too, or only vcredist_x86.exe, from that site?

    ps: that code is valid if i reinstall the windows?

    • Yeah, once you told me you’re using Win7 SP1 32-bit I was afraid the performance would not be up to par. I think the best solution is to run on more modern hardware with a good video card. The registration code will still be valid on a new Windows install.

      • I’m working with a SSD OCZ-Agility3 and processor is Intel Core I3 2.93Ghz. It’s not so old these components. I’m afraid i’m not installed something software on my computer, some codecs.
        You can recommend me something else?

        That code is valid only on comuter? I can’t use that code and on my laptop?

      • Won’t work:
        ” The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
        I reinstalled the program but the same message appear.

          • This message appear:
            “MSVCP120.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again……”

          • OK, I must not have given you the proper version for your system. What version of Windows are you running? This may be a bit of hit-and-miss since I don’t have a 32-bit system to test on. I’ll send you another version to try via email. Thanks, John

  23. Is there a 32-Bit Windows version of the program available? I just updated a machine from 32-Bit Win-7 to 32-Bit Win-10. After installation I get the message “This program cannot run on this machine.”

  24. Compatibility with Garmin’s GPS enabled Dash Cam 20 would be helpful. Although Garmin’s 10 model does not have GPS compared to the 20 model, just playing it on a Mac would be a great help.

    • Garmin Dashcam 20 movies play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer. The problem is with the GPS data. Unfortunately Garmin encodes it in a proprietary format which I am not privy too.

  25. Actually, I do not think it matters so much. – I just remove the card from my current dashcam, or regular cameras & plug them into my computer, which takes almost every card on the market. I can then copy stills or movies from whatever camera, including the current dashcam.
    For the record, I use Linux Mint 17 (Mate, 64 bit version), which uses a mixture of Linux Debian and Linux Ubuntu files. (By far the 3 most popular versions of Linux.) –Regards.

    • Currently DCV is not compatible with Linux, L.J. But if there is enough interest I could develop a Linux version. So far you are the only one who has suggested it.

      • Trust me, there are more then enough people on Linux who would want to use it if it were available. I guess at the moment loads of users simply assume nothing exists yet. Would be great if it were available! I’m Linux mint 17, would not even consider using windows

      • Trust me, there would be loads of people interested in a Linux port, just that I think that many are just assuming nothing exists yet. Is there any update / news on Linux support for DCV?

        • I agree with you– I think a port would be popular since there is a void in available Linux dashcam software. But I am not as familiar with the Linux world. What I do know is that there are a plethora of distros out there and binaries built for one distro don’t necessarily run on another. Makes life confusing. Is there a preferred distro? Can’t commit the time to building a DCV for Linux right now but I will add it to the job jar.

      • Also, please don’t work on a “wine” version. They always look and work horrible in comparison to native Linux apps

      • I’m a developer, though not a Linux developer. I am also a linux system admin, and I think I can help you more then enough on your way in the Linux world, so If you need any help, throw me a mail..

        On the subject of distros: Yeah, there are loads, BUT: Most actually use the same bones. Just a few quick pointers (I dunno what you know about Linux already)

        First of all, there are about 5 distros that form the basis for the vast majority of other distros out there. Debian, Red hat, Slackware , Gentoo and Arch. So that makes it already a bit more manageable. When a distro is based on another, it usually will be able to run all the available software for that distro. Most popular distros are Fedora (Red hat based), Ubuntu (Debian based), Mint (Ubuntu based, and as such, Debian based). I’m mostly well known with Red hat and Debian based distros, which are also most popular.

        Most Linux distros use package managers to install software. Think of package managers like the software installers on your android or even iphone phones. Its a piece of software that installs the required program and all dependancies, libraries, etc, through a command, no need to download some .exe or .msi from a website. The best known package managers are apt (Debian), and rpm (Fedora). Packages may very well be built by the distro managers so you may not have to worry about this at all. Just important to know what packages are, I guess.

        Then there are the window managers. X (soon finally replaced by Wayland) is the main window system, but on top of that sits a window manager that actually gives form and shape to the windows, libraries that make all the user controls, etc etc.. Best known window managers are Gnome and KDE (KDE is definitely my favorite, and also looks and feels quite a bit like ms windows)

        If you need more info, just throw me a mail, I’ll be happy to help out. Have a great day!

        • This primer was very helpful, Sven! Now I have a much better understanding of the Linux landscape. I have experience with CentOS (i.e. RedHat) so if/when I port I’ll probably go that route unless the penguins have a strong preference for one of the others.

      • I would be interested in a Linux version as well. I’m in the process of weaning myself from Windows and moving to a Linux environment full time (Apple is not an option). Primarily using Mint with a secondary focus on Ubuntu – but Mint is definitely winning the race.

      • Hell, if I may be so bold as to suggest a thing: there are very interesting, cross-platform frameworks, like .net (supported through Mono) and QT (for C++) that could help you code your tool in less time, for multiple platforms, “easily”. Send me a holler if you’re curious about that.

        • Cybik, I do my development in QT (write once, debug everywhere ;-). I am very familiar with the QT environment so porting to Linux would not be like starting from scratch. What I’ve learned is the first 90% goes easily, it’s the last 10% where you spend all your time.

      • If you’re going for cross platform frameworks, I’d recommend Qt, since its the basis for KDE which is a very popular window manager on Linux

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