The Main Window 

The Main Window controls movie selection, playback, and data export. The individual buttons and sliders are described below:

  1. Select movie folder
  2. Select individual movie files
  3. Export all GPS track data to CSV file
  4. Export all GPS track data to GPX file
  5. Export all GPS track data to Google Earth KML file
  6. Export view to JPG/PNG image
  7. Export portion of movie to separate movie file
  8. Switch dual-channel display modes
  9. Merge multiple movies into a single large movie
  10. Sync window movement
  11. Re-center movie(s) in viewer frame
  12. Modify preferences
  13. Current speed
  14. Current date/time
  15. Picture-in-picture view
  16. Current movie scrubber
  17. Movie file selector
  18. Jump To fastest point in movie or Jump To a specific movie
  19. Reveal movie in Finder
  20. Current movie filename, file size, framerate
  21. Jump back one or ten movies
  22. Instant Replay
  23. Pause/Play:
  24. Increase/decrease playback rate
  25. Jump forward one or ten movies
  26. Create Geotag
  27. Volume and mute controls

The Dashboard Display shows the current position, speed, direction, and time. For dashcams that support enhanced GPS data collection, Dashcam Viewer displays the elevation, number of satellites in view, and signal confidence:

  1. Speed, distance, and time display. The speed units can be toggled between mph and km/h by clicking the mph button.
  2. Three-way display showing current compass heading, calendar, and weather at the time of the drive.
  3. Latitude and longitude. For dashcams the altitude, GPS signal confidence (HDOP), and number of satellites in view is also displayed.
Dashboard Display

See Your Tracks in the Map Window Maps Displays: The Map Window animates to show the current position of the vehicle against a map background.

The route line is color-coded based on the vehicle’s speed.

You can geotag points of interest with custom markers. The marker locations can be exported (or imported)

You can click on the route to jump to that point in the movie sequence.

You can toggle between street map and satellite imagery map backgrounds.

Choose either Google or Mapquest maps to get the views you like. PRO users can also select OpenStreetMaps.

Data Plots: The Plot Views show the time history of vehicle speed, distance, and compass direction. For dashcams that record additional GPS data, the G-sensor (shock), vehicle altitude, number of GPS satellites in view, and horizontal dilution of precision are also displayed. The HDOP, or Horizontal Dilution of Precision, is a measure of GPS accuracy at the receiver. Lower numbers are better and indicate higher confidence in the positional fix. Higher values indicate a poor dispersion of satellites in view and/or a low number of satellites in view. Multiple Plot Viewgraphs

Create Geotags along your route


Geotags: Create markers anywhere along your route. The markers show up on the Map and in a List view.

The default title is the street address of the marker location. The time, date, speed, latitude, longitude, movie name, and movie time are also displayed.

Double-clicking a geotag in the Geotags List will instantly jump to that point in the route. The geotags can be exported to a text file, and imported back in.

Movies List: all loaded movies are displayed in the Movies List. Movies that are uninteresting can be toggled off so they no longer appear in the movie sequence and their data is no longer displayed in the Map or Graphs.

Users can double-click a Movie in the List to immediately jump to the beginning of the video. Meta information about each movie, such as file size, maximum vehicle speed, date/time, is displayed in the list item.

Display Video Info


Find Key Audio Events

Audio Event Detection: Important events in the video series are often characterized by sudden changes in volume. For example, the sound of a collision or the sound of a horn can be heard against the normal driving noise background. Dashcam Viewer’s Audio Event Detection can assist in locating key sound events in a series of videos.
Export Video: Use this feature to export a portion of a video to a separate movie file or series of images.

When exporting to movie file you have the option to change the playback rate and remove audio track.

When exporting to an image sequence you control the image frequency (up to 4 Hz) and output format (JPG, PNG, or BMP). PRO users can also export all frames of the video.

Export Video Clips and Image Sequences


Merge multiple videos into one


Merge Videos: You can combine multiple videos into a single large video file. Dashcam Viewer will also create a GPX file containing the GPS data from the selected videos. Since the GPX file will have the same base name as the combined movie file, you can load the movie file back into Dashcam Viewer and the GPX file will be detected and loaded as well. This can be useful for consolidating or organizing routes.

Additional options include removal of the audio track and adjustment of the playback rate.

Export GPS Data: Dashcam Viewer allows you to export your GPS track data in a number of formats, including comma-separated value (CSV), GPX, and Google Earth KML (shown on the left).

You can also export portions of your movies to separate files, or export a snapshot of the movie to a PNG image file.

Export Your GPS Tracks


Trip List


Trips: When videos are first loaded, Dashcam Viewer bins them into “trips”. By default, a “trip” is defined as a contiguous set of 1 or more videos with no breaks of greater than 1 minute.

There are several reasons why binning videos into trips is useful. Dashcam Viewer computes statistics for each trip, including the beginning date/time, the duration of the trip, the amount of gap time between trips, and the number of videos in a trip.

All videos comprising a trip can be hidden by clicking an icon. A trip can be played by double-clicking on it.

87 thoughts on “Features

  1. Hi,
    I’m considering buying the Standard version of DCV but I don’t see Thinkware U1000 in the list of supported Cameras.
    Is it now included in supported devices?
    Thinkware has a very poor software for viewing the recordings. It’s too simple and crude. It can’t even play the recordings without the “moire effect” (straight lines appear jagged).
    What would I be missing by not getting the Pro version?

  2. Hello! I somehow remember reading something about this before, but now I can’t find it so I need to ask (again):

    Is there any chance that DCV can load the emergency files at the same time as regular files?
    I own a 2ch Viofo A129 Duo, regular files are saved in ”\DCIM\Movie” and emergency files in ”\DCIM\Movie\RO”. When loading the Movie folder, I have missing timeslots for the files in the RO folder. It’s a bit difficult to switch between Movie and RO folders, especially on very large SD cards with hundreds of files which take time to open in DCV. So, couldn’t DCV just load all of them in a continuous timeline?

    • Hi Cris, Dashcam Viewer only reads the video files in the selected folder. It does not dig into nested folders for additional videos. Your best bet is to copy all the files in the RO folder to the Movie folders, and then load the Movie folder into DCV. Sorry for the inconvenience! – John

  3. I bought the Standard version and as a whole it is a good product. My problem is when I have Dashcam running a series of clips, all is well until try to open the Snipping Tool on my Win10 machine while Dascam is running. Dashcam and all its windows start flashing a blank screen and freeze. I have to close it out. This happened while just on the laptop screen and also when run on a secondary (and larger) screen. Frustrating as I like to cut and paste the route to show my friends. While I am at it, the map doesn’t seem to be able to be dragged to better position the route, it keeps re-centering itself with half the route off screen, also frustrating

    • Barry, thanks for the feedback. In the Preferences try disabling the “Windows Stay On Top” option. This may cure the issue with snipping tool. As for the Map: self-centering is a feature! But you can turn it off by widening the Map window and unselecting the “Follow” checkbox.

  4. can you have more 4 videoscreens simultaneously? For example I install dashcam system (DR750S-2CH from blackvue) with both 2 camera’s and upload the files to the viewer

    • I haven’t had a Tesla video samples to test. Does the Tesla system store GPS navigation data? If so, is the data embedded in the video itself?

      • Thanks for the quick reply John, no it does not appear to store the GPS data, it only records 4 videos for front, sides and back but is possible to access telemetry via polling the car continuously, e.g. TeslaFi. Would be nice to be able to merge them both into DCV.

        • If no GPS data is readily available, that makes it difficult to use with Dashcam Viewer. But if you can somehow export the GPS data and convert to GPX file, then you can import it into Dashcam Viewer. Details for importing GPX are in the Users Manual. Too bad I don’t have a Tesla to experiment with!

    • It depends on the BV dashcam model. Earlier BV models (like the DR550) had the g-sensor data readily available in an ancillary file). Newer ones (especially models that embed their GPS data into the video file, like the DR750S) either do not embed it in the data record (most likely) or embed it in a manner which is difficult to decode.

  5. Hello. Is there a way to view .tl files on this software? If not then do you plan to add the .tl extension as I have my VIOFO A119 record to .tl.

  6. Hi John,
    I just downloaded dashcam viewer to view files from my crosstour CR900. I am not seeing any geo tracking results. Does it support gps with the CR900? I tested with another program (all in chinese) and that program was able to pull the GPS from the videos just fine.

    • Todd, video samples taken with recent CR900s indicate that Crosstour changed and obfuscated the GPS data in the video file. CR900 videos I have from Sept 2018 play fine in Dashcam Viewer and the embedded GPS data is in a common format. But the new CR900 video samples I have store the GPS data in a different format that will require assistance from Crosstour (if they are even willing to help).

      • John,
        Thank you so much for the quick reply. As a fellow developer, I appreciate your work and effort to create this product. Keep up the good work, and thanks again. I will keep an eye open for a possible upgrade supporting the newer version.

  7. Hi,
    I’m testing the free version with an Akaso V1 dashcam and works perfectly almost everything.
    The only issue is that are not visible accelerometer data (they are visible, using Akaso player or some other dashcam players).
    Is it normal? Have I to activate something?

    • Hi Ricardo– for the Akaso V1 I’ve decoded the time, latitude, longitude and speed but unfortunately I could not find the accelerometer data.

      • Thanks for the answer.
        It’s not a real problem, anyway, is there a hope to get accelerometer data in the future or did you abandone the “reasearch” on Akaso V1 encoding?

  8. Is it possible to view a video file with no gps data (due to resizing in my case) in combination with a matching gpx file?

    • Yes. Just change the filename of the GPX file to match the name of the video file. Then load the video file and Dashcam Viewer will load the GPX automatically.

  9. How do you combine files? I have the trial version at the moment. Registrator Viewer had an easy way to combine from Blackvue 750S-1CH. Mapping doesn’t work. I’m really interested in the ability to group files, 750s records in short clips at 60fps, including the corresponding GPS data. Is that supported on your paid version?

  10. I have the trial version of DCV, and have just tried it out with my Vantrue N2pro. I like the ability to “switch” between the two channels (front and rear camera), and have them play at the same time when I switch back and forth. The viewer the camera manufacurer uses doesn’t do this. What the issue with DCV is it constantly shows 7mph as my speed regardless of the actual speed, which is also tagged in the video frames by the camera, along with other GPS data. The program the camera uses accurately shows GPS info and speed. The dashcam creates only one folder…DCIM, with the video files in that folder. No other folders on the SD card are created, and appears GPS data is embedded within the video files. Will this camera eventually be supported by DCV?

    PS: I sent this same message along with the sd card contents.

      • Excellent! I also have noticed that I can view the dual channel videos in a PIP on the Mac version, but that same feature isn’t available on the Windows version. Will this possibly be implemented in the future as well for the Windows version? I primarily use Windows.

        • Good news on that front too, Greg! I’ve got 2channel PiP working in my beta version of Windows Dashcam Viewer 3. Hopefully I’ll have the beta out in less than a month.

          • I purchased both the mac and windows versions, that is definitely a good program, and I look forward to the newer features to support my Vantrue N2Pro. It is under a different email address, but it’s the same user…me.

  11. Any possibility of eventually adding other overlays into the exported video (mainly the map)? To get that now, I’m having to do use screen capture to capture the map window, then video editing software to combine the two.

    • That’s a bit beyond Dashcam Viewer’s purpose and more in line with video post-processing software. I recommend RaceRender for doing those types of overlays.

  12. Hi,John I tried your software with my dashcam “Vifio G1WS”. But it’s can’t detect my track. Is my dashcam support by your software?

    • I think you mean the Viofo G1WS. Yes, the samples I have from that dash cam work in Dashcam Viewer. Are you sure you have GPS data recording on and that the antenna has a view of the sky? You won’t see GPS tracks inside a garage for example.

  13. Hi John, I am looking at an “industrial” process to check the activity of a private security car that is supposed to regularly do loops in a private residential area from 10:00 pm to 6:00 morning. I am wondering if equipping the car with a dash cam and using your software would provide a quick way of checking on a daily basis the activity of the car. Would that be a good solution? Any limitations and suggestions to take into consideration for such application? Many thanks for your kind reply. Antoine

    • Antoine, this is an excellent application of Dashcam Viewer! You will see your driver’s route, speed, stopping points, etc. Of course your should let him know beforehand that the dashcam is installed and recording.

      • John, many thanks for your kind reply. If I use a Viofo A119, I see I need recording at 1080. Does it matter if it is 30 or 60pf? I am trying to assess how big the SD card would need to be and what best setup to make sure it does not go into a loop throughout 10 hours of recording. Many thanks for your reply. Antoine

  14. Hello and sorry for my writing and the mistakes I can make, I am French. I just bought the license, and your software works wonderfully in France. I use it with a dashcam “APEMAN” with two camera (front and back). It is really great and easy to use. I have a question. I have two computers (one fixed and one laptop), I can install it on both? (I am the only user of both computers). I wish you a good day. Cordially. Hervé

    • Hi Herve– yes, as per the license agreement you can install it on up to two computers as long as you are the primary user. Thanks for asking, John

  15. Thanks from Sydney …works well. The rendition of the .mov from Mobius look very good,better than my usual player.

  16. I can only see the video view on the screen – how do I get the map view and others on the screen at the same time – thanks for your help

    • Use the Windows menu to select which window you want to see (Map, Dashboard, Graphs). If you don’t see any data in these windows then it could be that your dashcam is not a supported model.

  17. I have yet to download this software (still waiting on my dash cams to arrive). I will need to load video from two separate dash cams, same make and model, for this viewer. Can I select a different folder in which to copy the video and GPS files, perhaps giving each folder the name of the vehicle?

  18. Hello John Dashboard Display goes only up to 140 KM/h how ca i change that here in europe we drive fast and in Germany we don’t have any speed limits 🙂 so hope that is possible to change to 250 or 300?

    • I have not had the opportunity to test any GPS log files from a P4. If you send me a couple of files and their logs, I can take a look. See the FAQ question #1.

  19. Hi John – Excellent software! I would like to offer a possible enhancement however, could we have an option to export the photo into a jpeg with the GPS co-ordinates and the GPS time embedded into the metadata? This would greatly speed my workflow of phot extraction.
    Best Regards!

      • Hi John, Sorry for the delay, having lat/long in the filename would help, but I am displaying still photos on a map which uses the metadata to obtain the coordinates. Perhaps someone knows how to script parsing the filename and inserting the metadata, that could work.

  20. Hi John,

    Does the Windows 10 version of Dashcam Viewer support picture in picture yet> if not, when is it planned?


    • It’s still high on my list of future enhancements but I am having technical difficulties with the implementation. No timeline on it yet, I’m afraid, but I haven’t forgotten about it.

  21. I have been trying to download this program and always is ” rejected ” by the computer with a message that says that my windows 10 is not compatible and that can not open / run the software that I should contact the software company. Any solution for this ?

    • That’s strange. Sounds like the installer is being blocked by the OS. Can you loosen your security settings? If that still doesn’t work, go to my Blog and download an earlier version and see if it works.

  22. Hi, on the OSX version there seems to be a 500 file limit – my Blackvue, with a 64Gb card will easily produce more than 500 files.

    It would be great to be able to filter by date and time, parked and normal.

    Thanks for all your work to date.

      • Please consider increasing the limit to the 1500-3000 files. My A129 is producing ~1500files on 128GB card. It makes processing files difficult – I cannot view videos directly from SD card but have to copy files on disk…

  23. Hi,

    Is there an option to group overlapped videos if a dash cam records a sequence with, say, 1 second overlap? Thanks.

    • Vladimir, I’m not sure what you mean to “group overlapped videos”. But since this is just a simple player I suspect the answer is ‘no’.

      • Sorry it took a while to respond. I mean that when my dashcam (Street Guardian SG9665GC) starts a new file, the first second of it is a copy of the last second from a previous file. Therefore, if I wanted to merge the pieces into one file, it will not be smooth at the merging points. Is there any chance you can add an option to trim x seconds from the beginning of a file when merging? I can send you a link to the samples if needed. Thanks!

  24. Hi,
    I am thinking of buying Koonlung K1S (2-channel). I want to have synchronized GPS and speed data with video. Is this application provides (or export) time-stamped GPS data and speed?

    I will be grateful for for advice.
    Thanks in advance for your kind suggestion.


    • Ardhendu, the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer will display both channels of the K1S simultaneously (picture-in-picture). The Windows version does not have this capability yet.

    • Scott, the GPS data is embedded in the F750 movie file. Previously I have had trouble decoding the F750, but recently I think I’ve solved it. Stay tuned.

    • Scott, thank you for the movie files. I was able to decipher the GPS data embedded in the file. The next version of Dashcam Viewer will display the GPS data (v1.8.7). Unfortunately, the MP4s produced by the Thinkware F750 don’t play in Mac Dashcam Viewer or Mac Quicktime Player (“unrecognized format” error). Apparently they do play on Windows. Go figure.

      • Hi John, I have tried the trialware, and it plays back the video footage (though a little slow at times – poss down to hardware/1080p capture); however, it does not support the GPS data for maps etc. as such, I have followed the procedure and sent you the files to look at.

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