Thank you for purchasing Dashcam Viewer!  You will be sent a registration code within 24 hours.  PLEASE make sure your PayPal email address is current. For questions please email me at

Registering the software will unlock the features of Dashcam Viewer (Standard) or Dashcam Viewer Pro.

Bought the Standard version, but want to go Pro? You can upgrade at any time. Upgrade instructions and feature comparisons are here.

To register Dashcam Viewer, watch this movie or follow the steps shown underneath the movie:

1) Run Dashcam Viewer (the demo version)

2) Select “Register…” from the Help menu of Dashcam Viewer. Note that the Register menu is not on this website, it is in Dashcam Viewer.

3) Copy and paste your registration code in the field as shown below. Then click the “Register…”button

You will see a “success” message and the registered features are now unlocked upon restart.



51 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Hi John,

    I think it would be nice if the custom title given to a geotag could be also seen in the map or any other graphs, instead of the number of the geotag.

    Regards !


  2. What will happen if I will format my computer or I will by new PC. Do I have to purchase and pay again or once purchased code will still work?

  3. Many thanks for improving the Windows 10 version which now works with my Viofo A119 at full 1440 resolution !

  4. I have been looking for software just like yours and I am glad I found you. Tried it and it works like a charm, it is perfect !! I just don’t know how else you can improve it. My dashcam uses embedded MOV file, no problem !!

  5. Hi John,
    just found your web page and viewed your tutorial and very impressed. I got caught supposedly speeding at 1.30am on one of our freeways and I know because I was travelling in a new vehicle that has a known speedo error.
    I have since sourced and purchased a VIOFO with GPS and now looking for the software to include in future evidence should it ever occur in the future.
    I am and always have been a Mac user since they were available on the market and taught their publishing and graphic software for over 25 years, so you might call me sold on their product. I see that my GPS is listed in your units tested but has limitations for the OSX platform.
    I have no hesitation in purchasing another unit if it will perform better on the OSX but will rely on a recommendation from you. Is there a better option to do this an what would you recommend?
    Getting late, so will download your trial programme tomorrow.


    • Although I’ve examined raw videos from 50+ different dashcams, I’ve only owned about 4 myself. I don’t have a Viofo A119 but its video’s perform well in Dashcam Viewer (Mac or PC version) and it’s a popular new model. Sounds like a good choice to me.

      • Yeh, finally got it to work as per the tutorial. This time I used new images from today’s driving and it seems to work fine. Found the missing windows and much happier and worth the protection of such a programme from unfair and unreasonable persecution from the authorities. Now we can argue and prove my driving . The police claim that the GPS units are innacurate but on checking the 2 that I have plus this new crash camera together with this programme are IDENTICAL, 10% slower than the speedo in my car.

        • Glad to hear it, Neil! And you’re right about the GPS accuracy. GPS is very accurate. However, one thing I noticed is that with some dashcams the GPS speed readout lags the actual speed by up to 3 seconds. For example, if you’re coming to a stop the readout may still say 3 mph when you’ve actually just hit 0 mph. When you’re driving at steady state the GPS speed is accurate. Anyway, not all dashcams have this lag problem but it’s something else you can check.

  6. Thanks for developing a software like this! Its not often an application is so robust on a Mac! Can’t wait to get my code to fully utilize it.

  7. I just purchased a GPS Cam that has max resolution of 2560x 1080. Chipset A7LA70. All I see is a black screen with your software. My laptop is Core i5 M540 64 bit Win 10. Intel HD graphics internal video. Your software looks great, wish I could get it to work.
    My Video/GPS works with the Car DV player that Senwow gave me on the micro SD. But has limited features.
    Any way to get this to work other than reducing my resolution. My main reason it so have max detail if I get in an accident.

    • Doug, the Windows version of Dashcam Viewer won’t play movies at high resolutions on some PCs. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Btw, my experience has been mixed with high resolution settings. On these cheap cameras the higher resolution doesn’t always add more detail and it tends to make the dashcam run hotter, which can lead to lockups and SD card errors.

  8. Hello John,
    Your program looks nice however ….
    1st the main problem I have is that no GPS data is presented at all although the movie shows that the data is/was available.
    2nd the translated text in the Dutch version does not fit in the given space (buttons). (How can I reset it to English?)

    • Hi Ed, I don’t know what dashcam model you have to check if it’s compatible with the GPS. Also, I haven’t heard of the GUI text being an issue before. Is there a setting in Windows to fix this? Perhaps you have “large fonts” selected? To switch back to English, go to the Preferences and select English as the language. Then restart the program.

  9. Does the gps logger work with Ambarella A7 Car DVR GS90C/GS90A/G90 Car Camera ? I can get the viewer to work but it shows No Data for gps. I checked that I am getting data on the DVR, this software doesnt seem to read it. Otherwise I think your dashcamviewer software is the best out there. Really hoping to get the GPS logger working.. thanks.

    • Hi Chuck, I’m not familiar with that dashcam model. Please see the FAQ question #1 for detail on how to send me sample files from your Ambarella A7 Car DVR GS90C/GS90A/G90 Car Camera. Perhaps it won’t be difficult to add support.

  10. Hi I love the program with my Thinkware F750 in Windows mode. Any idea when the ability to export the combined movie files will be available ?

  11. using Thinkware f750 2 channel and an iMac computer. Will you be upgrading to cope with the mp4 file f750 produces?

    • Since the F750 movies don’t play in Apple’s QuickTime Player 7 nor Dashcam Viewer, I suspect the movie file format is dodgy. I’m afraid the change will have to come from Thinkware, perhaps as a firmware upgrade.

  12. Nice piece of programming! Great interface, and well organized…. Thank you!

    I have only one issue…. I can see the graph of the speed, the red car orientation/direction, the video plays well, but the map is black. version 2.0.3 mac… I will try the PC version next to see if I get the same result.
    Regards, Greg

    • Are you behind a proxy server or firewall? That would explain the black map. You’d need to enter your proxy information in Dashcam Viewer’s Preferences.

  13. I have a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH. I couldn’t find the setting to view the rear camera with the front simultaneously. Does DV support this camera yet?

    • Yes, the Mac version will play the second channel if it is available. There are no settings for it, it just plays the second channel in a PiP window. This feature isn’t available on the Windows version yet.

    • James, the Thinkware F170 files play correctly in the Windows version of Dashcam Viewer. However, they do not play in the Mac version. In fact, even Quicktime Player on the Mac can’t play them (“unrecognized format” error).

    • Unfortunately, the MP4s produced by the Thinkware F750 don’t play in Mac Dashcam Viewer or even in Quicktime Player (“unrecognized format” error). Apparently they do play on Windows. Go figure.

  14. Just ordered a PaPaGo P2 Pro and wondered if you have any plans to add it to your list of supported cameras? (OS X 10.10.2) Thanks

  15. Never mind, found the email with the registration on one of our iPads. Is it normal to require re-entering the registration every time an update is installed?

    • No, there should be no need to re-enter your registration after an upgrade. The registration information is stored in a preferences file (mac) or the Registry (windows).

  16. New problem: When we updated to version 1.7.0 our registration was lost. Unfortunately, we have also lost the email that contained the registration code. Is there any recourse?

  17. My dash cam, a new CDV300X, is not listed as compatible, but its files seem to work well enough to risk $10. It is running well on our late 2014 iMac and early 2011 Macbook Pro, both with Yosemite 10.10.2. Thanks for the much needed Mac support.

    • I was a little premature. The video works fine, but the GPS data is not included. The GPS files are in .txt format. Is that the problem?

  18. I just learned about this program from to use with my PowerUCC Panorama G. Downloaded the latest 1.4.6 version and my Mac running 10.9.4 and it says the program is damaged and offers to move it to the trash. I downloaded the older 1.4.5 and it worked fine. Just FYI.

      • Yep it opens fine now. Thank you! I’m still new to the camera so I’m still testing it out. I might purchase this software after testing it more… love to support the Mac family 🙂

    • John, the Roadhawk presents certain technical challenges that would require major rework on my part to support. Also, from what I understand, the Roadhawk stores in GPS data in a binary format inside the movie file which makes it difficult to decipher. My apologies but at this point I can’t say when I’ll be able to support this dashcam. – John

  19. i have a DR500gw-hd and have been unable to zoom with the blackvue player. Does your player have the ability to do this? I can send you some files to try.


    • Yes, Dashcam Viewer allows you to pan and zoom into the video. Panning is performed by dragging the mouse or using keyboard shortcuts. Zooming is performed using the mouse scrollwheel or keyboard. The “Shortcuts” window (under the Help menu) has more details.

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