Unleash your dash cam’s full potential! Your dashcam captures more than just video. Dashcam Viewer finds, decodes, and visualizes the navigation data hidden within the video itself. Play your videos and watch as your vehicle’s position, speed, distance, and other data animate on graphs, widgets, and maps. Tag points of interest, export clips and data, combine multiple videos into one, and much more.

Dashcam Viewer is recommended by many dash cam manufacturers and vendors. It is compatible with over 120 camera models and is available for both macOS and Windows. See below for the complete list of supported cameras and features.

What Dashcam Viewer can do for you:

  • Watch your dashcam videos as your vehicle’s position, speed, distance, and other data is displayed on graphs, widgets, and maps.
  • “Geotag” points of interest along your route. Export these to a file. Or import them back in.
  • Export your GPS tracks to common file formats such as comma-separated value (CSV), Google Earth KML, and GPS-exchange (GPX) for further data analysis.
  • Export portions of videos to new clips.
  • Combine multiple videos into a single video.
  • Use audio event detection to find key moments in your videos.
  • And much more! Check out our FeaturesVideo Tutorials, and Users Manual for more details.

Download the FREE version below:

The free version is fully functional but has a 2-movie sequential limit. Purchasing removes the limit and the splash screen.

Current Version: v3.6.6

Release Date: March 28, 2021   (blog, recent changes)

MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1 download_mac
Alternative download link
System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.14 or higher
Installation Notes
End User License Agreement
How to uninstall

WIndows_7 download_windows
Alternative download link
System Requirements:
Windows 10 64-bit recommended for best performance
Installation Notes.  Required: K-Lite Codec Pack
End User License Agreement
How to uninstall


Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1

Dashcam Viewer for macOS ($25 US)

(bulk licensing available)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   WIndows_7

Dashcam Viewer for Windows ($25 US)

(bulk licensing available)
You will receive and unlock code which enables the Standard version features.


  • GoPro HERO support for GPS-enabled models
  • More geotags
  • More audio event detection
  • OpenStreetMaps display

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1

Dashcam Viewer PRO for macOS ($75 US)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   WIndows_7

Dashcam Viewer PRO for Windows ($75 US)

You will receive an unlock code which enables the PRO features.

After purchasing, you will receive a registration code within 24 hours. The code is entered directly into the Dashcam Viewer program through the Register window located under the Help menu. This will unlock the features of the Standard or PRO version, depending on which version you purchased. A full list of version capabilities is shown in the table below.
Paid users: updates are free. Just download and install the latest version. The registration will automatically carry over.
A video tutorial showing how to register is provided in the Video Tutorials section. 

Try Dashcam Viewer yourself with these sample videos…

Single-channel sample videos (270 MB).
Dual-channel sample videos (540 MB).

Dashcam Viewer supports the following action and dash cameras. Other models may work too, they just haven’t been tested. For dashcams with 2 channels (front/rear), Dashcam Viewer supports picture-in-picture mode.

Support for these and other camera models will evolve with new releases of DCV. Even if your dashcam is not one of these models, you can still play your camera’s movies without the data.

Differences Between Versions

Feature Free Standard PRO
Maximum number of movies that can be loaded at once 2 1200 1200
Number of Geotags supported 2 10 100
Audio Event Detection 1 video 5 videos 100 videos
Size of GPS Data Cache (files) 1,000 1,000 10,000
OpenStreetMap display    
Zoomable, translatable, resizable movie view
“Real time” display of vehicle’s location on a Map
Automatically center map on vehicle, or keep map fixed
Vehicle route color-coded by speed
Click on vehicle’s map route to jump to that position in movie
Heads-up display of current date, time, speed, distance, position, and bearing
Heads-up display of altitude, HDOP, and Satellites-in-View 1
Trip List
“Dark Mode” support
User-configurable speedometer display
Compass display of direction
Weather widget for retrieving weather conditions at the location and time of movie
Picture-in-picture front and rear camera displays for 2-channel dashcams
Swappable front and rear camera views for 2-channel dashcams
Graphs of speed, distance, and bearing
Graphs of HDOP, satellites-in-View, and X, Y, Z shock sensor data1
Click on vehicle’s Graph trace to jump to that position in movie
Autoscale Graph views
Fullscreen mode
Geotag points of interest and instant jump to those points in the movie sequence
Reverse-geocoding (i.e., address-lookup at geotag location)
Import and export Geotags to a file
“Real time” display of vehicle’s line-of-sight distance from geotagged points
Movie List view shows vehicle’s top speed in each movie
Remove uninteresting movies from the various views
Export sections of movies to separate movie files ✔ 5 secs max
Export sections of movies to an image file sequence ✔ 5 secs max
Export all frames of a video section to an image file sequence    
Slow-motion or fast-motion for exported clips (0.125x to 8x)
Combine multiple movies into a single large movie
Maximum number of movies that can be combined 2 100 100
Slow-motion or fast-motion export of combined movies (0.125x to 8x)
Variable playback speed control
Jump to fastest part of route instantly
Jump to any loaded movie instantly
Slider controls for switching between movies
Info display of movie file name, file size, and frame rate
Ability to skip the first N seconds of each movie
Drag and drop loading of movies
Drag and drop loading of movie directories
GPS data export to CSV, KML, and GPX file formats
GPS data import of GPX file format
Export current movie window to JPG or PNG file
Auto-load movie directory upon start-up
Click to reveal currently-playing movie in Finder/Explorer
Support for kph or mph units
Support for timezone biasing
Documented keyboard and mouse shortcuts
Support for internet proxy server connection
Gluten free
User-selectable language support: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese
Annoying startup window No No
Online Users Manual
License Personal Personal Personal or Commercial
1For dashcams that support these metrics. HDOP=Horizontal Dilution of Precision (a measure of GPS navigation accuracy at the receiver).

Please try the free version before purchase to make sure it works for you and your dash cam.

macOS Requirements:

The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer runs on macOS 10.14 and above. 1600×1200 or higher resolution recommended. If macOS Catalina issues a warning when you try to run it, see the FAQ for how to install. Mac models earlier than 2016 may not be able to play videos encoded using the HEVC (h.265) codec. Use h.264 if your dashcam supports it.

Dashcam Viewer on macOS Screenshot (German-language version):

Windows Requirements:

Windows 10 is recommended but Dashcam Viewer may run on earlier OS’s (Windows 7 and 8). Please see the installation instructions. 1600×1200 or higher resolution recommended. Low-end Windows PCs with poor video performance and limited screen resolution are not recommended.

Dashcam Viewer in Windows 10 Screenshot (4K monitor):

Dashcam Viewer comes with a Users Manual, which includes detailed descriptions and window screenshots.  You can preview it here in English or in German (thanks, Juergen W.).


For questions on Dashcam Viewer that are not answered in the FAQ or bulk licensing questions, contact me at: .

This software uses Qt and FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here. The GPL version of FFmpeg, which if used in Dashcam Viewer, allows PiP movie exporting for dual-channel cameras, can be downloaded here (this feature is Mac-only for now). See the Dashcam Viewer Users Manual for how to install the GPL version into Dashcam Viewer.

And a special thanks to our supporters…

StreetGuardian, Instant Imaging CorpZetronix, ProofCam,  FalconZero, VisionDriveThe Dashcam Store.

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    • Hi Grei, I covered this in the FAQ. The licenses for Mac and Windows are separate purchases. This is to cover the extra dev costs of supporting a second hardware platform and PC-specific s/w development.

  1. I’m using your software with the video from a Viofo A119 V3 at 2560×1440 @ 30fps. According to the manual the right and left arrow buttons are supposed to move forward or backward one frame. Those buttons are actually moving the video approximately 20 frames at a time. Is there a setting I need to change or is this a bug?

    • The bug is in the manual. I should have stated that arrow keys move the video forward or back a sub-second, not a frame. The video library I use ignores inputs of less than about fps*2/3, so this is about 20 frames for 30 fps video and 40 frames for a 60 fps video. Sorry for the confusion!

      • Thanks for the quick response! Any chance that one frame at a time could be added in the future? MPC does allow moving forward one frame at a time but it would be nice if your software did that.

    • Hi John, when the program exports a jpg from the mov file, does it include the geo ref in the file, so it will be able to be uploaded to google maps (and other programs). Thanks Brad

      • The Mac version of Dashcam Viewer embeds the latitude/longitude information into the EXIF portion of the JPG. Image software can access it from there. (Sorry embedding into EXIF isn’t in the Windows version yet). Also, the lat/lon information becomes part of the JPG/PNG filename.

        • Hi John, would you please let me know if you plan to incorporate this feature into the Windows version. I’d be happy to pay you to do it, if that would help to encourage you. thanks, Brad

          • Hi John, one of the people who works with me purchased two copies of dashcam viewer…one for Mac and one for PC. Neither the PC nor the Mac show an accurate map (from a DOD LS475W). The location incorrectly shows up on the wrong side of the world. In contrast, the map is correct in the DOD GPS PLAYER (but this program does not have the features of your program). Would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, Brad

  2. I don’t really drive a car, and I’m using the app to view the dash cam footage of other drivers. From the graphs, what I’m confused with is the graph for the ”bearing”, what does it represent?
    When I searched for ‘what does ”bearing” mean in driving?’ in google, most of the results are about wheel bearings, a physical part. So I’ve decided to ask here.

    By the way, the app is GREAT!

    • Think of “bearing” as direction of travel. A bearing of 0 degrees is North, 90-degrees is East, 180-degrees is South, and 270-degrees is West. If the bearing curve is flat, that means the vehicle did not change direction during the drive. If the bearing curve has a lot of movement, that means the vehicle changed direction often.

  3. Thank you for support of PAPAGO GS34G.
    There is one more request.
    GPS will disappear if the file path contains non-English characters. For example:
    The path rename to be “C:\Japanese character\2019_0802_082221_011.MP4”, then GPS is display good.
    Please resolve it if you can.

  4. Windows PC, Dual Camera, Dashcam 3.2.4 .

    Great program!
    Any chance this can be looked at. The second video (rear camera) screen is too small when both videos are shown. I couldnt find a way to resize and in effect being so small is not easy to see anything.

    It would be great if the screen could be split into two as shown in page 21 in the User’s manual v3.2.4 or at least make it a bit bigger
    Many Thanks

    • Click on either the main video or the second video and use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. You can also drag the two video windows to get them to appear side-by-side.

      • Many, many thanks. Now I am happy to buy the full version.

        Next thing that would be fantastic is to incorporate a kind of a screenshot capture to save both videos plus map, speed etc..
        Great program and works great with my cameras although I think they are not listed in your list – VSYS Moto Cam M2F

        • To capture a screenshot with Windows, press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard, then open the Paint program in Windows accessories and do a paste.You will have several formats to choose from to save the image.

  5. I used Transcend Drivepor 550 dash cam. video can see but unable to load GPS data and extract gps data kml file etc…
    please advise ma how can i extract gps data

  6. Hi,

    Just a heads up Dashcam viewer works well with the Thinkware F200 with front and rear camera plus GPS data.

    Thanks for a great program!

  7. This is by far the best dash cam viewer I have found and am liking it very much so far. One wish I have would be able to generate videos that also include the Map and other graph windows like in the Youtube preview videos. The only way I have found to do this is by doing a screen record but would be great if the app could do it automatically. Am I missing an option or is it not possible?

  8. The best tool for dash camera footage viewing.
    One questions I have, Check for New Version does not do anything noticeable. Nothing opens in any of my browsers in Win 10. I have to manually go to your site to download. Any advice?

  9. I like software that simply does what I want it to do, and Dashcam Viewer does exactly this: A great tool to view and merge the video clips, remove the overlap and display the additional information like speed and GPS – and that all for a fair price. I use it with a Street Guardian SG9665GC V3 on a Mac mainly to combine the videos of my road trips, and works fine.

  10. HI, I’ve installed an Audi Universal Traffic Cam. It has front and rear cameras, GPS, etc but no viewer software. Will you be adding thei to your excellent programe anytime in the future……..please !!

      • Hi John, I was wondering if you had any updates on support for the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder I have installed. You may remember I sent you a dupe of my SD card back in May.
        Many thanks

        • I’ve examined the files produced by the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder and the manufacturer combined both A and B video channels into a single movie file. Unfortunately, Dashcam Viewer’s video library does not support videos encoded this way (the two channels need to be separate).

    • A Rexing user provided movie file data to me and I was able to locate the GPS data in the file. Unfortunately, the GPS data is encoded in an unknown format. That user contacted Rexing. Rexing said they would get back to him after the Lunar holiday, but they never did. So unfortunately we are stuck without the decoding scheme for the data format.

  11. I like software that simply does what I want it to do, and Dashcam Viewer does exactly this: A great tool to view and merge the video clips, remove the overlap and display the additional information like speed and GPS – and that all for a fair price. I use it with a Street Guardian SG9665GC V3 on a Mac mainly to combine the videos of my road trips, and works fine.

  12. Hey, I think I first saw your software in the Techmoan video. After using it for couple of months I decided to buy it. I really like it, keep up the great work!


  13. John – Do you have any suggestions or point me towards any resources where I can learn how to take my combined dashcam video files and speed them up outside of the viewer software? Thank you.

      • Thanks John. Is there some trick to converting the Dashcam video files so the GoPro Software will recognize them and import? I’m using the Falcon Zero Dashcam and it records in the .mov format. Or do I have to use another accelerator program? Thanks again!

  14. I have had a look at the above software and like what I see but upon trying it I find that I get a ‘black screen’ and no video but all the other items including voice is present and correct but before purchasing the software I would like to get a resolution.

    I have checked out your FAQ and can see that this is an issue but what confuses me is the software worked on my previous PC running Win10 but not this new PC.

    My Dashcam is a Street Guardian SG9665GC – 32GB card and has a resolution of 1080.

    What other info do I need to provide you with to help me out.
    Best stuff,


    • I ‘appear’ to have sorted this issue in the following way: –

      (Win 10) ‘Windows Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘Default Apps’ > ‘Video Player’ then changed the setting to ‘VLC media player

      However after doing the above, but not connected, I received a message telling me there were Driver updates available for the Video card, which I installed.

      So in reality I was not to sure which of the two sorted the problem so I reset the ‘Video Player’ to the MS default which is “Windows Media Player” and it failed to provide any video pictures so I changed it back to VLC and hey ho it is now A1 Okay. So I will give the software a go and no doubt purchase a license.


  15. Best John, is there something you can do for the vivio A119 1080p so we can use the higher resolution? its a shame we cant use that.

    • I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a while. Some Windows users report that they are not able to play the A119 1440p movies in DV. But the 1440p movies play fine in DV on both my Windows PC laptop and Mac laptop. So I am having difficulty reproducing the problem. Still looking into it. BTW, I like the 1080p/60 mode on my A119 best. 60fps is silky smooth! 😉

  16. Hi John, there is any ability to changes the icons like the car in the middle of the wind rose. I use the dashcam on motorcycle so having a car in the middle of the wind rose its a bit strange. There is also a way to keep all feature in a main window and not to have to use the toogle “synch windows movement”.


      • I just tried it and it worked for me. You can try the alternative method and see if it works: click on the graph and use the “1” and “2” keys on the keyboard to lower and raise the max speed.

    • The motorcycle icon is a good idea, Pascal. I’ll add to my ToDo list. Sorry, but the sync window movement is the best way to preserve the orientation of all the windows.

  17. John,

    You may well know this already but I’ve just seen that it is possible the Nextbase 402g is a rebadged version of the DOD LS430w.

    The only reason I’m posting this is that I see you have another DOD camera working with your software and wonder if you have had better assistance with the DOD people than with Nextbase.

      • Greetings, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-c5D–YvrE for those that enjoy the restrictive software provided by nextbase for the 402G they might also find a striking similarity to the DOD video player shown in that you tube video. I was rather distressed to find the attractive pink line on the map that showed the route travelled on any segment played with the driving recorder player has evaporated. I would gladly entertain any suggestions as how to lure it back. Just another reason that I would very happily move from the feature impoverished nextbase/DOD driving recorder player to the continually evolving, improving Dashcam Viewer.

        • Doug, we all know how frustrating this is and now my 402G battery is giving up the ghost after just 16 months. To be fair they are sending me a replacement. If I’m not successful fitting the new battery to my device I’m off to buy one of the models John lists in his compatible list. I’ve contacted Nextbase a few times about their software but to date no positive response.


          • Greetings, 16 months isn’t in my experience bad. The original battery in mine failed within a year. I contacted nextbase & they quite happily replaced the battery & did a firmware upgrade. This battery lasted about 6 months & they subsequently sent me a new one which I fitted but this sadly only lasted about 6 months. Rather than going back to nextbase I am trying to find a suitable replacement myself in the hope that its better quality. Good luck with new battery.


  18. John – Love the software. Question: When I export a KML file to Google Earth, the file names appear on Google Earth’s map interface. Is there a way to export the KML without the file names. I’m just looking for the route to populate, nothing else. Thank you.

  19. Old Vehicle placemark icon is way better than the new dot…pls bring it back….new dot marker is bit confusing…please bring it back..please…because of dot marker, I am forced to use older version of dashcam viewer ….at least give an option so that user can choose his favourite vehicle marker in the next update…I have to delay updating my dashcam viewer till this feature is implemented 🙁

    • sridhar, I added the option of reverting back to the old placemark icon just for you! Expect to see it in the next version (v2.6.7). In fact you’ll be able to revert to the old icon, or change the color of the round dot icon. 🙂

      • thanks a lot…:)..one more option will be useful..if possible implement in future versions…give an option to open two map windows simultaneously to see map at different zoom levels simultaneously…so that we can see the overview of the route in one window(zoom out view) and closeup details of route in another window…

  20. Are you planning to add support for 1440p in A119? Still not there in 2.6.6, and I’ve paid for a program that I can’t use.

    • Chris, the 1440p subject is discussed in https://dashcamviewer.com/faq/ question #3. It is unclear to me why some Windows computers can’t play the 1440p video in DV, and some can (like mine). You can still use Dashcam Viewer to at lower resolutions or use it to export your GPS data. If you are still unsatisfied send me an email and I’ll refund your money. Thanks! – John

      • Hi John, this is very puzzling and frustrating, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to resolve the apparent discrepancy between users’ experiences. My current approach is to use NovaTrakt to extract the GPS data for RegistratorViewer. I appreciate your kind offer of a refund but, as I bought it 3 years ago for use with an earlier camera, I won’t pursue that issue.

        I’d certainly like to hear from anyone who has had the problem and found a way to fix it.

  21. suggestions:
    1) old Vehicle placemark icon is better than the new dot..at least give an option to choose.

    2)give an option to open two map windows to see map at different zoom levels simultaneously.

    • thanks a lot…:)..one more option will be useful..if possible implement in future versions…give an option to open two map windows simultaneously to see map at different zoom levels simultaneously…so that we can see the overview of the route in one window(zoom out view) and closeup details of route in another window…

    • As Nextbase are advertising on British TV with the programme ‘Car crash, Britain’ its a shame that they don’t listen to customers and make their software compatible with DashCam Viewer. Some customers are considering changing to devices like this Viofo A119 which sounds extremely good. Thanks DaRkS!De for telling us about it. I’m green with envy and hopeful that you are using a PC.

  22. Well, I love the look of the interface, and there is certainly a lack of decent dashcam viewing software available, the Mio software doesn’t even support 2ch for their 2ch camera. Sad to say that I can’t get any video to play with DashCam Viewer.. I have both the Mio MiVue 698 Dual and the Mio MiVue 388 (in wife’s car) and even despite the 388 being listed as compatible, no video will play. GPS track info is read fine, the maps are accurate and the speed etc shows, but only statically as I click along the timeline speed graph as the video screen remains black and doesn’t play the video. I’ve tried it on my main PC, an i7 with an nVidia GTX980Ti running win 10, my server a Dell running server 2012 R2 and my Surface 3 running win 10, and its the same on all of them, everything looks right, but no video playback for either camera. My next step is to grab a Macbook pro from work and try it on that.

    • Update on this post, I have now tried it on the Mac version and it works great with the MiVue 698 Dual.. but of course there is no 2ch support yet, plus, I don’t actually own a Mac.. but it did play video fine, even in super HD from the front camera.

      • Yes, the 6xx series movies only seem to play in the Mac version of Dashcam Viewer. I think it’s related to an incompatibility with the codec and Microsoft DirectShow libraries.

    • Robert, a few of the dash cam movies I’ve tested play on either Mac or Windows, but not both. In the cases where this occurs I’ve pointed it out on the DV homepage (e.g., MiVue 580 and 658 are Mac DV only). But perhaps I’ve missed some cases. I will have to go back and see if my sample 388 movies play on my PC. (Edit: You could try adding a codec pack and see if this helps. http://shark007.net or search for K-Lite pack).

  23. Those of us with Nextbase dashcams continue to be disappointed by their attitude to your software. So much so that as my missus has grown to like our dashcam I now have permission to research a new one. Obviously it will not be a Nextbase while I cannot use Dashcam Viewer with it. I warned them some time ago but presumably while their sales are OK they aren’t interested.

    • While I am happy with the NextBase image quality, I too am fed up with the NextBase software. I have tried to get the GPS coding from the as well with no luck. I am also looking for a different brand camera. I love the Dashcam Viewer and the willingness John to listen to his users.
      I would like to know what other cameras are out there that give high quality image & performance.

      • That makes (at least) 3 of us. With my NextBase 512G relegated to the back seat I’m in the market for a new dashcam. One of the requirements for any new kit is that it offers seamless compatibility with all the many features of “Dashcam Viewer” – and that puts NextBase out of the frame. Sorry NexBase but you’re being overtaken by an increasingly competitive market.

        • Guys, don’t relegate your NextBase dashcams to the closet just yet! I can’t go into details but there’s been some progress made in the NextBase decoding by a 3rd party. I’m hopeful at least the 512G will be supported in the near future. Stay tuned.

          • Thank you John – as ever, on the case!
            Perhaps I should have said back shelf rather than back seat… that’s the dog’s domain. It’s a new forward facing camera that I will be getting, this time making sure beforehand that it offers full compatibility with your viewer.
            Regards, Brian

          • I had a broad grin on my face until I realised I have a 402G . . . . grhh

            but as Brian says, John, you are keeping a constant track on what your customers or potential customers are saying which is unusual and excellent in this day and age.

          • Rather sad reflection on Nextbase (I have a 502G (the g probably for Gopping software)) that this forum has become a centre of gripes about the crappy nextbase software. I am hoping given the lethargy shown by nextbase that the 512 & 502 will probably use the same code and thus save me the expense of replacing it (at least until it dies of natural causes). I was informed bryn@nextbase.co.uk (head of Marketing Tel 0203 195 0868) “We are however looking at a number of alternatives to bring more features to our player in the near future.” that was on 5/5/2016, sadly beyond my ability to hold my breath. Personally I think that the ability to be able to use the data harvested by the camera is 50% of the reason to have one.
            Nextbase amongst others could learn a great deal by looking at the way Dashcam Viewer is conducted.

          • Well put, Doug. I echo your frustration. I’ve also reached out to NextBase and got the same result. That said, with the help of a 3rd party I hope to have a solution for the 512G soon.

          • John, if I sent you a couple of Nextbase 402G files would it be possible to see if they work on your software? I know that’s really saucy of me but – yep, that’s me, a real creep. Just wish I’d spent that extra few bob on the 512G.


          • Good news– Dashcam Viewer 2.6.5 has 512G compatibility. Plus 302G compatibility in the Window version. Please download it and give it a try. Thanks for the samples, Brian. Also, special thanks to Brian K for his help with the 512G.

  24. Is Dashcam Viewer compatible with EBORN HD Dash Cam with Built in GPS ,170° Angle View,1080P 1296P,32GB Card included,Car Dashboard Camera Recorder DVR with 2.7 inch LCD, Parking Monitor ?

    Is Dashcam Viewer licence in perpetuity or annual subscription?

    John Ball

    • Hi John, I’m not familiar with that dashcam model. Please see FAQ, question #1.

      Is Dashcam Viewer license in perpetuity or annual subscription?

      Good question. The license has been “in perpetuity” since day 1. Dashcam Viewer customers have had free updates since version 1.0 came out in 2014. I have no plans to change that but I can’t guarantee that the licensing scheme will never change.

      • Camera support from your list

        HP f800x, HP F210, HP F310 , HP F520G (Mac version)

        When i read the list and you have (Mac Version ) is this in addition to Windows versions or Mac only)
        Please clarify

          • The movies from all of those HP dashcam models play correctly on the Mac version. Unfortunately, they do not play on the Windows version. I think there is some sort of codec incompatibility with the video backend used in Windows Dashcam Viewer. Sorry about that.

  25. Hi, I contacted you about a year ago, asking about “switching between front and rear cameras” on the software. You said it was on your ‘to-do’ list… I’ve just opened up DashCam Viewer for the first time since last year…. I have upgraded to the ‘current’ version = 2.5.9
    I still don’t see the ‘ability’ to switch between front and rear cameras?

    Is this coming anytime soon?… I have to open BlackVue for this function?…
    April 8th 2017

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