Bulk Licensing

To all dashcam vendors, resellers, and manufacturers–

We can build a customized version of Dashcam Viewer just for you! Your version of Dashcam Viewer will have your company’s branding and will be licensed to distribute with your products.

A Customized Dashcam Viewer Offers Multiple Advantages

Your Company’s Branding: Add a level of distinction to Dashcam Viewer product.

Great for Your Customers: They won’t have to pay for individual licenses when they buy your cameras.

Flexible Bulk Licensing Options: We offer multiple solutions to fit your company’s needs.

By Customizing & Licensing
Dashcam Viewer...

• You will receive special builds of Dashcam Viewer for macOS and Windows that will have your logo in the Main Window (upon startup) and in the “About” window. Your company’s name will also appear in the Movie Window title bar.

• Your users will not see the “Please Register” screen upon startup. Your Dashcam Viewer will be pre-registered. The users will not need to enter a registration code.

• Your users will not be limited to loading just 5 movies at a time.

• Your special build will show GPS data for your dashcam model, but not your competitors’ dashcam that uses a different GPS data format.

• You will receive a customized Dashcam Viewer Users Manual

There is a fixed cost for developing the customized Dashcam Viewer, plus the yearly licensing fee for distribution. Contact us for more details.

Interested? Contact us for Pricing

It’s time to unleash your dashcam’s full potential.