Dashcam Viewer v1.3.0 released for Mac

Check out the new features added to Dashcam Viewer v1.3.0:

New Features:

  • Added support for BlackVue DR550GW dual-camera dashcam. DCV will display both front and rear camera views in the main window. The rear view display can be dragged anywhere on top of the front view window and can be resized using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • You can now translate and zoom the movie within the movie frame using the the mouse scroll wheel
  • Added Recenter Movie toolbar button. This will center the video in the in the player window. This is useful if you have zoomed and/or translated the movie in its frame and want to restore it.
  • Added “Export to PNG” toolbar button. This will take a screenshot of the viewer window and save it to a file in your Dashcam Viewer folder.
  • Added option to change aspect ratio to fill screen or preserve original aspect ratio.
  • Added new Preference controls to independently set the speed, altitude, and temperature units.
  • Master slider now jumps through the individual movies when scrubbing
  • Updated User Manual

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that would crash DCV if the user attempted to scale the G-Forces graph using keyboard shortcuts

2 thoughts on “Dashcam Viewer v1.3.0 released for Mac

  1. Can you think about a zoom function for the video?, i.e. use case;

    Still frame of interest, zoom in to home in on a number plate & make it visible, hit PNG button to take a picture


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