Check out the new features we’ve added to Dashcam Viewer v1.3.5 for Mac and Windows:

New Features:

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  1. Richard, #1 is certainly do-able and a good suggestion. I will add it to my to-do list for the next version. #2: My current method allows me to capture exactly what the user is viewing, including zoom level, dual-camera picture-in-picture views, aspect ratio, and size. I will lose these caveats if I capture at native resolution.

  2. Re snapshot pictures ‘p’ – couple of suggestions:
    1. Can you give the image a longer name – i.e. file it comes from + timestamp, right now the images just take the source file name and overwrite each other without another manual step.

    2. Can the snapshot take the original video resolution – i.e. my source material is 720p, but the snapshot is taking the application screen resolution which is much lower.

    Otherwise – working well…


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