Dashcam Viewer v1.6.0 Released for Mac

Just posted version 1.6.0 of Mac Dashcam Viewer:

New Features:

  • Switched to using Bing Maps instead of Google Maps in the Map View. Google made a surreptitious change to their API in mid-December 2014 which made the Map View in Dashcam Viewer stop working correctly (DCV was not the only application affected). The Bing Maps implementation provides all the functionality of the previous Google Maps implementation.
  • Added preliminary support for MINI 0805 GPS data format. This is in beta. Change the 0805 capture resolution to no higher than 1080p mode for movies to play in DCV.
  • Better support for dashcams that store their altitude in nmea format, like the Vicovation Marcus series.
  • Added support for the iSymDVR app, which turns the iPhone into a dashcam.
  • Export of GPX now includes vehicle speed (in km/h)
  • For dashcams that record vehicle altitude, altitude in meters will be exported inthe GPX file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Vehicle speed reported in GPX file is now meters/sec instead of km/hr as per GPX v1.0 specification.
  • Movie start markers are more accurately placed on map.

Still working on Windows version. Stay tuned.

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