Dashcam Viewer v1.6.1 Released for Mac and Windows

Well we added something a little different to Dashcam Viewer 1.6.1 for Mac:

New Features:

  • [Mac Dashcam Viewer] Added support for video captured by a GoPro Hero3 mounted in a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter using GPS flight data logged by a Flytrex Core. The Phantom is the most popular quadcopter in the market and the Flytrex Core is one of the most popular accessories for the Phantom. Dashcam Viewer will read the comma-separated value (CSV) data files produced by the Flytrex Core and animate the position of the quadcopter on a map as movie of the flight is shown in the Player window, simultaneously. Note that the GoPro movie and the CSV file must have the same base name. For example, beach_flyover.MP4 and beach_flyover.CSV. Please see video below for a demo of how this works.
  • I guess you could call this aerial dashcam support. 😉

Note: The Windows version of Dashcam Viewer 1.6.1 also supports this feature but GoPro movie playback performance has been choppy on my test machines so Windows is not officially supported at this time.

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