Version 2.0.0 of Dashcam Viewer adds a number of new features described below. Dashcam Viewer is available for Mac OS X and Windows (64-bit and 32-bit). Download the free version from our website.

New Features:


Bug Fixes:

The free version is full-featured, but is limited to loading up to 5 movies at a time. Purchase Dashcam Viewer for Mac or Windows for $15.

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    1. Hi Rebecca, I’d love to support the F750 on the Mac but the F750 produces an mp4 file that is incompatible with the Mac QuickTime media library. So unfortunately it does not play in QuickTime Player or Dashcam Viewer. Not much I can do on my end. Thinkware needs to fix their movie files to make them Mac compatible.

      1. Hi John, that’s a shame. I shall pop them an email (along with requesting they put the speed stamp on the video) and see what they say.

        You mention that the videos don’t work in Quicktime, but they do for me – I’m running Version 10.4 (854). I can also run them in the free Datakam player, though it doesn’t read the GPS data. My OS is El Capitan if that’s any help.

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