Dashcam Viewer v2.1.9 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v2.1.9 was released today to address a bug in reading the DDPai M6+ GPS files:  Dashcam Viewer is available for Mac OS X and Windows (64-bit and 32-bit). Download the free version from our website.

Bug Fix:

  • [Windows version] DDPai M6+ dashcam only: Fixed bug that would prevent some GPS files from loading. These files had a “_D” at the end of their name. Note that the MP4 movies recorded by the DDPai M6+ are not playable in Dashcam Viewer for the Mac or even in Apple’s QuickTime Player 7.


9 thoughts on “Dashcam Viewer v2.1.9 Released for Mac and Windows

  1. Hi John,
    I have a DDPai M6+ being delivered on Sept 12th, and am disappointed that it’s files don’t play in the Mac version of DCV, or even in QT Player 7. Could you please explain why this is, and what is needed to make these MP4s work on a Mac? Thanks for an awesome piece of software.


    • Bill: For whatever reason, DDPai M6+ produces movies in a format that Quicktime Player 7 doesn’t understand. Most dashcams produce movies that are backward compatible to QT7 so I’m not sure why DDPai’s are not. Since Dashcam Viewer and QT7 share the same video library backend, movies that don’t play in QT7 also don’t play in DV. So far, of the 50+ dashcam models tested, only DDPai M6+ and Thinkware F750/F770 fall into this category.

  2. Hi John,
    In the future will you produce a fix for the fact that DDPai MP4 files won’t play. Very frustrating
    as i was unaware of this when I purchased the camera.

    • Peter, I would love to produce a fix but unfortunately the 3rd-party video library I use, which is based on Quicktime 7, is not amenable to tweaking. Unless DDPai comes up with a firmware fix to make the movies backward compatible, there’s not much I can do.

  3. John, I can’t get my DDPai M6+ 1440p videos to play. Just a blank/black screen and the progress bar doesn’t move. The GSP mapping seems to be correct though. I tried recording in 1080p, and that does play with Dashcam Viewer. Is this a known issue? Thanks, Albert

  4. Hi, As a purchaser of your brilliant full mac version I would just like to ask if you are planning to support the RoadHawk HD-2 Cameras in the near future on mac? the video files work 100% of course but the GPS data etc isn’t picked up. Cheers, Rob T.

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