Dashcam Viewer v2.6.5 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v2.6.5 is out and available from our website. This version adds a number of new features described below. Download the free version from our website.

New Features:

  • Merge Movies feature now respects the active movies in the Control Window. Non-active movies and their GPS data will not be exported (i.e., skipped).
  • After a Merge Movies, the Merge Windows now disappears.
  • Default directory for Merged files, CSV, GPX, and KML exports is now the Desktop instead of the Dashcam Viewer folder.
  • Improved load speed of Novatek-based dashcams under certain conditions.
  • New left/right arrow icons in Dashboard Window.
  • Vehicle placemark icon is now a dot instead of a pin.

New Camera Supports:

  • Added support for Mio MiVue 698 Dual Channel (Mac only)
  • Added support for NextBase 512G (Mac and Windows, thanks, Brian K.!)
  • Added support for NextBase 302G (Windows only)

Bug Fixes:

  • Movie start markers are now at their proper locations on the map.
  • Fixed bug that could cause DV to not find the 2nd channel movie for Koonlung K1S and Innov K1 dashcams.

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