Dashcam Viewer v2.7.1 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v2.7.1 is now available from our website. This version adds support for a vertically-oriented Dashboard, among other changes listed below:

New Features:

  • You can now orient the Dashboard window vertically or horizontally to optimize your window configuration.

Orient the Dashboard window vertically or horizontally using the Window menu option. Previously, only horizontal mode was supported.

  • Increased max value in Distance graph from 200 to 400 distance units.

New Camera Supports:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in which the window positions would not be remembered if the application was brought to the background and then back to the foreground.
  • Fixed bug in which .gpx or .dat files would be ignored when loading movie files of the same base name. For example, if a movie named 2017_08_20.MP4 were collocated with a corresponding 2017_08_20.GPX file, the GPX file would have been ignored. Now it will be loaded and paired with the movie. This was a recently introduced bug.

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