Dashcam Viewer 3.0 is now available for download from our website. Although you might not initially notice any difference in outward appearance, Dashcam Viewer 3 is a major internal upgrade from version 2. Improvements include picture-in-picture (PiP) support on the Windows version, use of new video playback backends for both Mac and Windows versions, and adoption of a more modern web framework for the Map views. These changes result in better performance and modernization of the software.

A summary of the major new features are below:

Windows-specific New Features:
Mac-specific New Features:
New Camera Supports:
Minor Enhancements:
Other Items:
Due to the amount of source code changes in version 3.0.0, there are bound to be some bugs and quirks. Please email me with any significant issues and I will address these as fast as I can.

Dashcam Viewer 3 showing picture-in-picture view of StreetGuardian SG9665DC on Windows 10

Dashcam Viewer is PC/Mac software that allows you to playback your dashcam’s videos while simultaneously viewing your vehicle’s location on a map. There are many other features in the software which are detailed on our website (http://dashcamviewer.com). The free version is fully-functional and allows the loading of up to 5 videos at a time.

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