Dashcam Viewer v3.2.2 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v3.2.2 was released today for both Mac and Windows. This new version has the following enhancements:

New Camera Supports:

  • Added support for Crosstour CR750 2CH
  • Added support for RoadHawk DC-2
  • Reported compatibility with Kenwood DRV-320
  • Reported compatibility with Whistler D28RS

General Improvements:

  • Some dashcams occasionally produce GPS data out of chronological order or have duplicate data points. A workaround was applied to better handle these situations. Even with the workaround, the vehicle may not appear mapped at the exact video location. A wrench icon will appear in the Movies and Geotags window if this situation is detected.
  • An error message is displayed if the user tries to load only 2ndchannel videos. (In order to view 2ndchannel videos, the corresponding 1stchannel video must be loaded. The 2ndchannel will then be loaded automatically.) Previously, Dashcam Viewer would not report an error in this case and basically do nothing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved behavior when the Ignore GPS option is selected.

Dashcam Viewer v3.2.2 showing RoadHawk DC-2 video and data

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