Dashcam Viewer v3.6.0 Released for Mac and Windows

Dashcam Viewer v3.6.0 was released today for both Mac and Windows with the following new features, camera supports, and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • New: Data Browser. Use the Data Browser to examine and export your dashcam’s GPS track data in a variety of formats. Data can be previewed, examined, copied to clipboard, and exported to files. Invoke the Data Browser using the DATA toolbar button or File menu. The available data formats are:
    • CSV: (comma-separated-value) which is compatible with Microsoft Excel
    • GPX: XML-based GPS data interchange format compatible with Garmin BaseCamp 
    • KML: compatible with Google Earth
    • GeoJSON: used in GIS applications
Data Browser showing CSV data
Data Browser showing GPX, KML, and GeoJSON formats
  • The Free version can export the current video’s GPS data, the Standard version adds the option to export data for all enabled videos, the Pro version adds the option to export data for all videos in the current Trip and data all videos loaded. 
  • Added GeoJSON data export option. Altitude will be exported if available. Also, Geotags will be exported as Point features.
  • Users can now export GPX with version 1.0 headers (compatible with Garmin BaseCamp) or version 1.1 headers.

New Camera Supports:

  • Added support for Aukey DR02D latest firmware file-naming convention.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash hang that could occur if user tried to resize the Export Video Clip, Shortcuts, About, Register window.
  • Fixed bug in KML exporter.

Dashcam Viewer is PC/Mac software that allows you to playback your dashcam’s videos while simultaneously viewing your vehicle’s location on a map. There are many other features in the software which are detailed on our website (http://dashcamviewer.com). The free version is fully-functional and allows the loading of up to 2 videos at a time.

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  1. I just downloaded the new version for Mac and made the mistake of replacing the old version. Can’t open it, I get this message.“Dashcam Viewer” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.”

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