Dashcam Viewer v3.6.3 was released today for both Mac and Windows with the following new improvements:

New Features: 

Bug Fixes:

Dashcam Viewer and Dashcam Viewer PRO are PC/Mac applications that allow you to play your dashcam’s videos while simultaneously viewing your vehicle’s location on a map. There are many other features in the software which are detailed on our website (http://dashcamviewer.com). The free version is fully-functional and allows the loading of up to 2 videos at a time.

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  1. Installed this version of Dashcam viewer (windows 10) and still having issue with the rear camera video being the wrong aspect ratio for my Viofo A129 Pro duo. I am running FW 2.1 on my camera and have set the front camera to use 21×9 (3840×1600) aspect ratio. Dashcam viewer uses the correct aspect ratio when displaying the front camera video but adds black bars to the rear camera video when shown as an overlay over the front camera view. It is as if it is expecting the rear camera to have the 21×9 aspect ratio when in fact the rear camera is always 16×9 (1920×1080). Also when viewing just the rear camera it doesn’t display the black bars on the sides but stretches it out to 21×9 so everything looks squashed.
    Can this be fixed?
    Exported files using GPL version of ffmpeg show with the correct aspect ratio for front and back cameras.
    Note: I posted about this last week but it seems my post never showed up so trying again.

    1. Thanks for the report, Jim. It’s difficult to test every configuration. I’ll make a note to look into this. In the mean time you can adjust the main video aspect ratio in the Preferences.

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