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    1. Herr Korte,

      ich bin selbst auch nur ein Nutzer dieses tollen Programms und würde Ihnen empfehlen, den Newsletter einfach abzubestellen, wenn es Sie so sehr stört, dass er in englischer Sprache erscheint. Dazu haben Sie über einen Link am Ende der Mails selbst die Möglichkeit:

      “Want less email? Unsubscribe or modify your Subscription Options.”

      1. Hallo Bernd, ich möchte das Programm ja gerne haben, aber ich bin der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig, könnten Sie mir helfen?

  1. Hi John, is the iTracker Mini0906 4K supported? I’m not able to get both channels shown and the GPS data cannot be loaded either.

    1. Hi Zoltan, I am not familiar with that model. If you send me raw video samples from each channel I may be able to make it work. See the FAQ, question #1 for details on how to send me videos.

      1. Hi, thanks for the quick response. I have sent the folder structure to you. Will check and update the fiirmware version later today.

  2. Bekomme immer eine E-Mail auf Englisch, kann das nicht lesen, denn in DE wird immer noch Deutsch gesprochen!!!
    Nachrichten von Ihnen in Zukunft bitte in Deutsch.

  3. I have a 70Mai A800 Dual cam, it plays back fine on my newer mac. However I do not get any GPS info or speed etc, is there any chance that this could be looked at. I can transfer some files across.

    1. Added preliminary support for the 70mai Dash Cam Pro in version 3.6.2 and updated support in v3.6.4 (to be released soon). The A800 stores and encodes its GPS data differently than the Dash Cam Pro. Haven’t been able to crack it yet.

  4. With a bit of conjuring, I managed to view a single-red-coloured KML file in Google Earth. Unfortunately, the multi-coloured speed-related track that Dashcam Viewer displays OK does not show in Google Earth (yet).
    If you need a sample Uniden Go Cam 80 file to see the Dashcam Viewer video loading problem, I can make one available on my Dropbox folder if you (John) acknowledge this.

    1. Glad you were able to see the track on Google Earth. Sometimes it’s not obvious that the track is time-sensitive so you need to use the time scrubber to ‘reveal’ it as you go. I’m not familiar with the Uniden Go Cam 80 so if you share the link with me I will download your samples. Thanks, John

    1. Dashcam Viewer can read the GPS data in the Thinkware U1000. However, on the Mac, the U1000 videos do not play in Quicktime Player 7 or Dashcam Viewer because of a codec incompatibility. On my low-end Windows10 laptop, the U1000 videos *do* play in Windows Dashcam Viewer but the 4K front camera video plays back at half-speed while the rear video plays at normal speed. Because of these behaviors I did not list the U1000 as “compatible”. It could be that Windows oddities I’m seeing are be because my PC is 4 years old and not up to the task of dealing with 4K video. A newer PC may work fine, I just haven’t tested one.

      1. Inuse the Thinkware U1000 aswell and use the Dashcamviewer software. All works fine, however g-forces schematic is not (yet) supported and some other details cannot be viewed. I hope soon though. Also i noticed a minor out of sinc rear view footage between front and back cam using dashcamviewer. Nevertheless, i am pleased with this software. Oh, you need a modern fast PC using 4k images really…

        1. I discovered that the reason the Thinkware U1000 videos did not play on my MacBook Pro was that my Mac was too old. Macs built before 2016 cannot handle HEVC (h.265) encoded videos. When I tested sample U1000 on a newer iMac, they played fine in Dashcam Viewer. As to the G-forces issue– I did a deep dive into the video file using a hex editor and was able to find the G-force data. Just need to extract it. I’ll put this on my ToDo list.

      2. John, I followed up on our previous email regarding the U1000. Note I’m using a Macbook Pro (late 2013) with High Sierra10.13.6 Quicktime player 10.4 works fine.

  5. Hey there, I was hoping to see triple channel support come soon. I’m sure that ridesharers and taxi drivers would love to be able to include the interior camera.


  6. Hello John, are you planning on launching a version in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese? If so, when?

    1. I need a volunteer to assist in the translation. That person would have to understand and write English and Portuguese. Do you know anyone?

  7. Hi, I have been testing your software with my dashcam, a Road Angel Halo Pro. Everything seems to work fine apart from PiP with the rear camera. I have followed the instructions to install the GPL version of ffmpeg but still not working. I am using windows 10. Anything else I could try?


    1. Update: Tried the test files and PiP works fine with those, must be to do with the file structure of my cam, anything I can do?


      1. Yes. Please send me a screenshot of your SD card directory structure showing front and rear dashcam files. Perhaps I can make some adjustments to make Dashcam Viewer process your files.

        1. Hi John, I also have similar problem with Viofo A129 Plus Duo, my rear camera cannot be shown as PIP. Viofo files are named with 2020**F.mp4 and 2020**R.mp4 for front and rear camera respectively. I tried to rename them to 2020**A.mp4 and 2020**B.mp4, and thankfully it works! Although I have automator (I use MacOS) to automatically rename files when copying from SDcard to my hard drive, it would be nice if you could include different file naming for front-rear camera in your future update.

    1. William, send me a couple of raw sample videos and I’ll see if I can make it work. See FAQ, question #1.

      UPDATE from William: “Just wanted to let you know that your program IS compatible with the Thinkware U1000. Works perfectly. “

  8. Is the K-lite codec pack necessary to run this, can I install my prefered codecs from different sources?

  9. Hi John, I just downloaded the latest version (3.4.2) with the feature of being able to produce a series of .jpeg images from a movie. Everything works just fine but I thought you (and others) might be interested in a novel use of this feature. As you may know, the iPhone allows the taking of ‘live’ photos. They are a combination of .jpeg and .mov files that allow one to e.g., smooth the flow of running water. I exported the .jpeg and .mov files from Mac Photos (Export as Originals) then used Dashcam Viewer to create a series of .jpeg files from the .mov file.This resultant ‘stack’ can be loaded into Affinity Photo (New Stack) such that the smoothing, etc. has considerable manipulation latitude including removing tree movements due to wind and such.

    Great stuff!!

  10. Has anyone submitted files for the SONY FDR-X3000 yet for you? If not, I’ll create some media for you to test.

    1. I have no experience with that SONY action cam. Send me some GPS-enabled videos and I’ll take a look. (see the FAQ for how to send me large files).

  11. Good news,

    My reply from a couple of days ago about dashcamviewer not working with Viofo A129 pro duo mysteriously disappeared.
    Can only guess what happend, BUT, more important, today while messing with the problem again, received a message new version 3.4.1
    Installed it and now everthing works.

    I can play H264 and H265 files in all resolutions
    Even directly from my sd card (usb3 card reader)

    and all this with my old 2008 i7 920 6.0GB nvidia geforce gt 1030 (videocard is 3 years old)

    Note: all Windows 10 64 bit PC

    Probably Earthshine Software fixed something from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 (I did’t change any codecs, still the adviced codec pack)

    I will test it further today and will buy the full version

    1. Glad to hear it, 968mint. One big change between v3.4.0 too v3.4.1 was the change from 32-bit application to 64-bit application. Perhaps the H265 codecs are only optimized for 64-bit. – John

      1. Gibt es denn keine Anleitung in Deutsch ???
        Bekomme immer wieder Nachrichten auf Englisch, welche ich nicht lesen kann !

  12. Hi! I downloaded free version of the app for Windows, installed it, but I couldn’t open it. When I try to do so the dialog box comes up with a system failure message which says: The programme can’t be launched because there isn’t api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dII on this computer. Could you please advise me what to do?

  13. Hi, I have the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo. With the files copied on to the harddrive, the video (front 1440 30fps, back 1080 30fps) playback is choppy (stuttering) (to be fair, it does with Quicktime as well, but not when using VLC). Is this due to my 2015 MacBook Pro (i5, 8gb RAM) or the codec?

    I would like to purchase the software, but this issue is stopping me from doing that.

    Thank you

    1. Steve, thanks for the question. Dashcam Viewer uses the same video backend as Quicktime Player so it’s no surprise that you’re seeing stuttering on your i5 MBP–especially when attempting to play two streams of 30 fps video while concurrently updating maps and widgets. You can try copying the videos to your local hard drive and playing them from there instead of the SD card reader. But in the end you’d be better served by a more powerful MBP.

      1. Hi John, just an update on this. I bought a new MBP 16″ (i9, 16gb RAM). Still have the same stuttering issue under MacOS. However, I also installed Win10Pro using Bootcamp and the files play with no issues.

        1. Thanks for the update, Steve. I’m also seeing stuttering of the Viofo A129 Pro Duo videos on my 15″ 2015 i7 MBP using Quicktime Player and Dashcam Viewer. There must be something about the codec used by this dashcam model that the Mac is having trouble decoding. I don’t own this model, but perhaps there is a setting in the dashcam itself to select a different video encoding method, like H.264? In any case, I’m glad you at least have it working under Windows.

  14. Hi, re Sony AS200V. Files load and display OK but there is no map, speed or route displayed. The data is there as the Sony Action Cam Movie Creator displays the route, speed etc….

    I am doing something wrong or the Dashcam will not display it. Please note that my VSys M2F dual camera works perfectly.
    Many Thanks

    1. Additional info – Just noticed next to the filename there is a spanner with the message “Found fewer GPS points than expected for this movie. Attempting workaround.”

    1. I have not been able to crack the 70mai GPS data encoding. I have reached out to 70mai using their website’s Contact Us form, but they have not responded. So currently the Dashcam Viewer does not support the 70mai.

  15. Hi John,
    As a registered user of your Dashcam viewer software I have a quick question., I am about to purchase a VAVA VA-CD001 dashcam and would like to know if it is supported as I couldn’t see it specifically mentioned on the list included in the manual? It has been around since 2017 so assume it is but would just like to make sure.
    All the best,
    Robert T

      1. Hello from Europe,
        I am on macOS Catalina. I get:
        „Dashcam Viewer“ kann nicht geöffnet werden, da Apple darin nicht nach Schadsoftware suchen kann. Diese Software muss aktualisiert werden. Wende dich an den Entwickler, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.
        Safari hat diese Datei heute um 13:35 von filedn.com geladen.”, which translates to like:
        “Dashcam Viewer can not be opened because Apple can not search for malware in it. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.
        Safari downloaded this file today at 13:35 from filedn.com. ”
        Any ideas? 🙂

  16. justed playing a new video but it showed down loading an show it in the map section but will not play? any ideas,and how do I attach a picture of it? to show you

  17. Hi, I have a older Allucam VG-10Z. Korean company may be closed. Can you tell me if your software will work. I have not installed it.

    1. Hi Ro, I am not familiar with that dashcam model. I recommend downloading Dashcam Viewer and giving it a try yourself. The trial version is free. Thanks!

      1. I meant I haven’t install the Allucam dashcam yet. Their website is no longer viewable. I will temp wire it and record a bit and see if its viewable with your software. I’ll report my findings. Thank you

  18. I don’t see the Viofo A119 (3) in your list of supported dash cams as of 11-24-19 so if I get the paid of this . will it still work?

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